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Wild Republic Honors G.B. and Kamala Pillai’s Pledge to Support Rainforest Conservation and Education – Launch Sustainable Toys at Spielwarenmesse

Wild Republic Spielwarenmesse

Wild Republic was established more than forty years ago to support its founder, G.B. Pillai and his wife, Kamala Pillai’s love for children and wildlife, a promise the company has successfully delivered on for four decades. Its diverse and creatively-designed product line of toys and stuffed animals fosters curiosity about wildlife and educates children about the wonders of nature. Today, this mission still holds true for the company, which unveiled its Rainforest plush line in support of rainforest conservation along with hundreds of new plush and playsets at Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, January 30- February 3, in Hall 1, Stand E-16.


Found G.B. Pillai was recently honored as a Champion of Sustainability by The Toy Association, a new category for the prestigious Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards and was developed to recognize an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the space. The award was presented to G.B. Pillai in September in New York City.


“Before sustainability was a trend, my grandad, G. B. Pillai and Ammamma, Kamala Pillai made it our company’s mission to focus on nature conservation, and everything that lives on the planet,” says Vishnu Chandran, CEO of Wild Republic and grandson of G. B. Pillai. “Throughout the company’s history, we’ve supported numerous charities, locally and globally, and we will continue to focus on important causes including rainforest conservation. It’s our mission, or rather our duty to educate our youth about the importance of nature and work towards preserving our planet, for future generations to come.”


Considered the ‘lungs of mother earth,’ the rainforest plays a critical role in stabilizing our global climate. Tropical rainforests add water to our atmosphere, absorb carbon dioxide and are the home to thirty million species of plants and animals, and so much more. Chandran adds, “my granddad has always had an immense love and respect for rainforests. The world depends on their survival for our survival, that’s why we are pleased to announce our commitment to rainforest conservation through our Global Giving Fund.”


Revealed at Spielwarenmesse and launching in 2024, the new Wild Republic Rainforest plush line is made from 100% recycled material and features four beautiful collections, Rainforest Splendors, Rainforest Birds and Rainforest Snakes. Proceeds from the line will support rainforest conservation and will also educate our children about rainforests and the animals that call it home.


At Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Wild Republic will also showcase a wide range of new product offerings with the majority focused on true sustainability:


Green Guardians: These wonderfully fun playsets are also eco friendly and completely biodegradable, meaning once disposed they will begin to break down within just a year. But before that, kids will enjoy countless hours of fun, imaginative play with each nature themed Green Gudians set. Kids can select from one of five themes including, Rainforest Tracker, Safari Ranger, Jungle Guide, Ocean Diver or Arctic Explorer. Each playset comes with a vehicle, a human guardian of the planet, and an animal. The packaging is also made from recycled materials and contains no single-use plastic. Age 3+


Snuggleluvs: Snuggleluvs weighted plush are meant to be snuggled and loved. These soft and whimsical stuffed animals are oversized and super fun with long fluffy hair. These super sweet plush pieces are sure to make any child smile. Snuggleluvs are also specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety. With their added weight, extra softness, and optimal cuddling size, Snuggleluvs are a stress-relieving companion for all ages. This original line of plush was recently awarded on Autism Live’s Top Toys list for sensory toys for Teens/Tweens, demonstrating their comforting power. Age 0+


At the Spielwarenmesse booth, Wild Republic will also feature fun, interactive sensory bins featuring the new Eco Nature Tubes and Green Polybags.


Eco Nature Tubes: Our award-winning nature tube figurines are now available in a more ecofriendly version. Great for beach or bath time play as well as school projects and sensory play, these pieces are made entirely from recycled plastic. Number of pieces per tube varies, depending on piece size. Each tube contains between 10-18 pieces. Package is reusable and includes fun facts.


Green Polybag Play Sets: These Wild Republic Polybags are great toys to help expand your child’s imagination, encourage independent play and sensory play. They are available in a variety of themes to fit a favorite place, animal, or school lesson, and they are now available in a biodegradable plastic. Use them for theme parties, party favors, bathtub play, and more. Age 3+


2024 marks an expansion in Wild Republic’s eco-friendly offerings, and will be introducing 100 new eco-friendly products in all. Below is a sampling of what is to come, including:


Earthkins: This collection of 15” fun and floppy plush animals are sure to delight consumers and are earth friendly. After these durable plush pieces are passed down through the family then disposed of, they will begin to biodegrade with the process starting within a year of disposal. Bead free! Age 0+


Naturekins: Not only do these look like real animals due to the sublimation print, but they also feel like the animal with a natural rubber fill that is squeezable yet always returns to its original shape. The all natural rubber filling is derived from a renewable source. All of these pieces will have embroidered eyes. Age 0+


Tailkins: These Fan-Tails-tic fun critters are meant to be taken everywhere. Are they a fashion accessory or a furry friend? They are both since they have hook & loop pads to drape them securely around your shoulder to show off their super long furry tails. Age 0+


Coilkins: These super fun snakes are posable! Wear them on your arm, in your hair, or on your backpack. Wrap them around the bedpost, car seat, stroller, bicycle, and more. Or simply pose them in a coiled strike position for realistic fun and play. Age 0+


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