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DeAgostini Announces Legends of Ferrari F1 Replica Racing Car Collection

DeAgostini Legends of Ferrari F1 Replica Racing Car Collection

DeAgostini, a premier European-based collectibles brand, delights race fans and automotive aficionados as it announces the launch of the Legends of Ferrari Formula 1 Collection.


Reproduced with an extraordinary degree of detail, these die-cast metal models are officially licensed from Ferrari and deliver all the realism that 1:24 scale offers to collectors: the mechanical details of the chassis and engine, the aerodynamic surfaces, the cockpit with the driver’s seat, steering wheel and controls, and the team’s signature Ferrari red color scheme. This latest subscription from DeAgostini delivers truly spectacular models to collect, display, and admire with the quality and extremely high level of detail for which the brand is internationally renowned.


More information on the DeAgostini Ferrari F1 Collection and sign-up details are available now. 


Charles Leclerc, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve, and Nigel Mansell. Some of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 racing made history at the wheel of their bright red machines. With this exclusive collection from DeAgostini, collectors can enjoy an impressive and comprehensive series of 1:24 scale replicas of some of the greatest Ferrari F1 cars of all time.


Notable racecars in the DeAgostini Ferrari F1 Collection include:


· F1-75 – 2022 – Charles Leclerc

· F1-2000 – 2000 – Michael Schumacher

· F2012 – 2012 – Fernando Alonso

· 312 T – 1975 – Niki Lauda

· SF71H – 2018 – Kimi Räikkönen

· 312 T4 – 1979 – Gilles Villeneuve

· SF1000 – 2020 – Charles Leclerc

· F2002 – 2002 – Rubens Barrichello

· SF21 – 2021 – Charles Leclerc

· F2003-GA – 2003 – Michael Schumacher


Dive into the history of Ferrari’s legendary racing team with an informative, full-color magazine that accompanies each month’s shipment of replicas. Everything collectors and race fans need to know about the Ferrari Formula 1 racers: their technical development, their track record, their great feats… In these pages subscribers will find an in-depth, detailed commentary that analyses and explains how they were designed and how they evolved. Authoritative articles examine their engineering achievements and bring to life their sporting history while celebrating the drivers who drove them to victory.


Subscribers to the DeAgostini Ferrari F1 Collection also will receive a variety of premium gift items at various stages that include a stainless-steel cup emblazoned with the Ferrari logo, an officially licensed Ferrari baseball cap, and an official T-shirt for the Ferrari team.


Collectors that upgrade to a special Premium Subscription will receive 3 additional Ferrari F1 replicas, rendered in a slightly larger 1:18 scale size. These die-cast models include the 1,000th GP Special Livery edition of the Ferrari SF1000 that commemorated the Italian team’s first F1 car, the 125 F1. Also included is a 1:18 scale model of the Italian GP Special, which marked the 75th anniversary of the famous Ferrari 125 S in 2022 and is followed by a replica of the Ferrari SF23 as it looked in the 2023 Australian GP, held in Melbourne.