ICTI Ethical Toy Program to become the Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP)


ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) has announced that it will become known as the Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP).


The global non-profit is recognized as a leading expert in social compliance and labor standards, widely known for its robust Supplier Certification Program, alongside its Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Assessment, supplier capability building and worker wellbeing initiatives.

Over the course of its 20-year history, IETP has used its expertise to engineer a program which has become relevant and applicable to a wide range of sectors. The new brand will be phased in over the course of 2024, as part of the organization’s wider global strategy to diversify into new sectors, develop new services and operate in new locations.


Under its new name, the Ethical Supply Chain Program will continue to champion integrity and sustainability across all sectors in which it operates. It is setting out its ambition to facilitate communication, certification and cooperation between manufacturers, suppliers, licensors, and retailers worldwide, to build a network with transparency at its core. The Ethical Supply Chain Program is committed to being more than just an ethical rubber stamp; it is a program based on respect, fairness, and inclusivity, across all sectors, industries, and geographies. Together with its members it strives to create a better life for workers worldwide.


Carmel Giblin, CEO, says: “We are excited to announce our rebrand, from the ICTI Ethical Toy Program to the Ethical Supply Chain Program. The toy industry has been instrumental in championing ethical labour and supply chain standards in factories worldwide. Standards which have enabled us to change the lives of millions of workers around the globe for the better. This evolution will increase the accessibility of our program, enabling us to work with more factories and expand into new industries, ultimately improving labor and environmental standards in international supply chains across the board”.


Edena Low, Chair of the Board at ESCP, says: “Renaming to the Ethical Supply Chain Program is welcome news within the toy industry and beyond, demonstrating the standards upheld by the organization and the attention placed on quality and rigour, regardless of sector. The fact that many more organizations globally will now benefit from more ethical certification and audit processes will ensure better rights for more factory workers worldwide”.


Geoffrey Greenberg, CEO and Founder of Just Play – an ESCP member – says: “We’re delighted to see that the Ethical Toy Program is becoming the Ethical Supply Chain Program. This really is a testament to the important work that the organisation has done within the toy and games industry. It can only be a good thing that more factories, manufacturers and retailers will benefit from improved – and more ethical – supply chain processes. As a toy business, we believe that all children have the right to imaginative play and storytelling, and this change will benefit children worldwide, as the Ethical Supply Chain Program moves into new sectors, bringing its family friendly initiatives to more families working within the manufacturing industry.”


Emma Moss, of DHL Group, says: “We joined the Ethical Toy Program IETP in 2021, in order to support and add tangible value to our ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] strategy, despite not operating in the toy industry ourselves. As a business, we have a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring the suppliers we work with are ‘doing the right thing’ – and this means working closely with them, to constantly improve the social and environmental impacts of that supply chain. So, working with IETP was a natural fit for us. This evolution of the brand, to the Ethical Supply Chain Program, is great news as we know it will see more businesses like ours, and those within our supply chain, benefitting from improved processes and ethical standards.”