Hasbro Launches US Pre-Orders for Popular ‘Life in Reterra’ Community (Re)Building Game Experience

Life in Reterra

Hasbro has announced a new community (re)building game, Life in Reterra, available for US pre-orders now. Life in Reterra takes place in a unique, bright post-apocalyptic setting where the world as we know it is an overgrown memory. Through this immersive experience, remnants of the old world become the foundation for something new. With three ready-to-play themed building sets, players can dive into the challenge of constructing their unique communities. The game unfolds as participants take turns laying tiles that represent diverse terrains, filling them with buildings and inhabitants to cultivate their society.


Life In Reterra is made from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and wood, and the trays are made with 30% recycled plastic, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.


Key game highlights and features include:


· Renowned Collaboration: Life in Reterra is the result of a renowned collaboration between award-winning game designers/inventors Eric Lang and Ken Gruhl in partnership Hasbro Gaming, the world’s largest game developer, to deliver an innovative new game to the market.


· Unique, Bright Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Nature has reclaimed the world; players rebuild communities using materials of the past to thrive in this immersive and on-trend story.  ​


· Accessible Strategic Tile Placement Gameplay: A strategy game that challenges players to carefully plan and build their communities for maximum points, while striking a balance between simplicity and depth for more experienced strategy gamers.​


· Sustainable Production: This game is made from responsibly sourced wood and paper and the storage trays are made with 30% recycled plastic.


· FSC®-Certified: The paper and wood in this game are made of material from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources.


· Customization: High quality components provide an opportunity to create personalized sets by combining buildings and crafting their own strategies. Covetable restorage.


· Replayability: A rich story and setting allow for future planning, including more players, new mechanics, and story expansions to ensure the longevity of the gaming experience.


(Ages 10 years & up/Players: 2-4/Retail Price: $29.99)

The Life in Reterra game is a community (re)building game! Not long from now, the world as we know it is an overgrown memory. Though the world has changed, we’ve changed with it, using anything we can find to build a new way of living. It’s up to each player to build a community of their own! First choose one of 3 ready-to-play themed building sets. Then take turns laying tiles representing diverse terrain and filling them with buildings and inhabitants to construct a community. The more a player’s community thrives, the more points they earn. Building cards unlock powers to help players score more points, and players can change up the game each time they play by creating their own sets of buildings to play with! Interact with other players, and perhaps even interfere with their progress. The highest score wins! This strategic tile game features an engaging story, incredible custom artwork and unlimited variety, depth and replayability. It’s a fun, cozy, strategy game for family game night, vacations, and makes a great gift for gamers and kids ages 10 and up.