Bene Buddies Welcomes Haylo into its Corral of World’s 1st Token Reward System in Plush

bene buddies

Parents, teachers, and childhood therapists in need have a friend indeed with Bene Buddies. This unique teaching toy set features a large plush, a storybook lesson and reward tokens to be inserted into a plush bear, dog, turtle and soon, a horse. It’s the first of its kind in the toy industry! Say hello to Bene (pronounced Benny) Bear and buddies Sparkle the Dog and Seawhee the Turtle. In April they will be joined by Haylo The Horse – each priced at $39.99 per boxed set. Amazingly, this reward token system – explained in each enclosed book — allows children to use them again and again by practicing good character traits like sharing or being respectful. Kids that deal, in the moment, with emotions, behavior modification and giving to others can earn a reward token. The opportunities to do “good” are endless!


“Bene Buddies are a holistic behavior modification and reinforcement system,” explains Karalyne Ley, Founder of Bene World ( “Repetition to enforcing a new habit is essential and our token system accomplishes this.”


“Each animal has a special focus,” she adds, “that is described in the storybook that accompanies it. Bene focuses on building a kinder world; Sparkle focuses on pet care; Seawhee shares ocean conservation best practices. Haylo puts the focus on positive ways to work through emotions. Everyone we’ve shown our system to or has used it loves it and says how effective it is! Parent shoppers are looking for MESH and SEL products and ours fit the bill!”


It’s no surprise that toy industry pros adore a plushy pal with a purpose. Bene Buddies have earned an armload of honors in the past year including Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Autism Live Social Skills Builder for Preschoolers, Creative Child Magazine 2023 Product of the Year, Creative Child Magazine 2023 Preferred Choice and a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Most recently it took home a 2023 Family Choice Award.


In addition to Haylo and the book Haylo Lends A Helping Hoof, look for fresh packaging in 2024. The toymaker worked with Design Edge, a toy industry favorite, for an open box design so parents and kids can “pet” the animals before buying. Bene Buddies’ unique token system is visible as is everything “that’s in the box”.


“Working alongside Karalyne and Martha was a delight, although designing the Bene Bear packaging line posed some hurdles,” said Matt Nuccio, President of Design Edge. “We aimed to showcase the plush attractively while effectively communicating the value and message for each character in the line. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the unique token system was clear to consumers. After careful consideration, we devised a solution that highlights the value proposition of each SKU and preserves the individuality of each character while maintaining a cohesive line appearance. We are pleased with the buyer reactions to our solutions and excited for the future of Bene Buddies.”


New! Arriving April 2024 Haylo the Horse • Ages 3+ • $39.99 Did you know horses’ emotions mirror humans’ feelings? Haylo shares a range of feelings from Happiness and Sadness to Anxiety and Anger in the enclosed storybook written by Martha Moore with illustrations by Gale Hinton. Look for the instructional message to grownups and to kids in the back of each Bene Buddies book for the best way to incorporate reward tokens into day-to-day learning. In stock now and ready to ship are three thought provoking Buddies.


Bene Bear Set • Ages 3+ • $39.99 This incredible brown bear dressed in a green tee is more than a cuddly companion. Bene teaches kids about being nice, giving back, and empathy. When a child performs good traits such as kindness, sharing and helping others, they can put a token in Bene Bear’s token slot. Tokens stay in Bene Bear’s pouch until they are ready to be used again or traded in for a reward from a parent or grandparent. Each Bene Bear package includes a Bene Bear, 15 Bene Bear Tokens, The Story of Bene Bear book, and kids can print out an adoption certificate.


Sparkle the Rescue Dog • Ages 3+ • $39.99 This shaggy pup with a pink tongue is Bene Bear’s friend – a Bene Buddy! The complete package comes with Sparkle, 15 Bene Buddies Tokens, Sparkle For Pets storybook plus kids can print Sparkle’s adoption certificate. With a red heart on its chest, this doggie teaches and reinforces the traits of kindness, respect and giving but with an animal and pet focus. When a child shows empathy, or gives back to animals or pets, they can put a token in Sparkle’s back pouch slot which can be emptied and/or reused again and again! A portion of the proceeds of each Sparkle the Dog is donated currently to CrisisDogs NC.


Seawhee the Turtle • Ages 3+ • $39.99 This colorful turtle, with a heart on its flipper, is the latest in the Bene Buddies collection! Seawhee arrives with an illustrated storybook, Seawhee Saves The Day, and 15 sea blue colored tokens. Seawhee focuses on teaching and reinforcing important character traits with a focus on ocean conservation. When a child demonstrates good traits, they can put a token in Seawhee’s token slot. All the tokens are collected in a specially designed pouch and can be turned in for a reward then be ready to reuse.


15 Extra Tokens • $4.99 Choose additional Haylo, Bene, Sparkle or Seawhee tokens to continue reinforcing all of the important character traits that make this world and this generation a better one.