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FanRoll is Rolling into GAMA Expo 2024 with Table-Shaking Hasbro News

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FanRoll is pleased to announce a major new licensing agreement with leading toy and game company Hasbro. The new program will begin with a multifaceted Dungeons & Dragons program, under license by Hasbro and its Wizards of the Coast division, that coincides with the brand’s 50th anniversary. FanRoll also plans to launch a line of premium gaming dice for iconic Hasbro Gaming brands Monopoly, Risk, Clue, HeroQuest and Betrayal at House on the Hill. This collaboration comes on the heels of a major rebranding and refocus for the company in 2023 from Metallic Dice Games to FanRoll.


The line with Dungeons & Dragons will include a wide range of items for tabletop gaming, all with a focus on bringing innovation to the players. FanRoll CEO Neal Hoffman explains, “We approach the category as fans and want to bring out a whole new way to play and celebrate the brand.” FanRoll will release a premium series of collectible dice tied to the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. The premium dice series pays homage to the original set of dice released five decades ago and features artwork from iconic moments in D&D history. In addition, FanRoll will introduce the Dome of Destiny™ Automatic Dice Spinner, a first of its kind item that wildly spins dice for the players and adds a new accessory for the table.


Bradley Bowman, Senior Director, Global Toy, Licensed Consumer Products at Hasbro said: “With an iconic portfolio of brands under the Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast umbrella, we are mindful to engage best-in-class partners that can help to deliver what fans really want. After seeing the innovation that FanRoll is bringing to the category, we knew that they would be the perfect partner. The fact that this is lining up with Dungeons & Dragons’s 50th anniversary gives us an opportunity to truly serve the fans who have been loyal for so many years.”


This fall, FanRoll also plans to launch board games that feature a dice-based take on classic brands starting with Battleship, Connect 4, and Scrabble. These games will be launched this fall and include Battleship Search and Destroy, Connect 4 Rolls, and Scrabble Texas Spell ‘Em.


Images of 20+ new products will debut at GAMA Expo and products will begin to roll out in early fall. FanRoll will be at booth number 628 at GAMA Expo, March 3-7 at the Kentucky International Convention Center.


FanRoll, formerly Metallic Dice Games, is your source for the highest-quality dice sets! Established in 2014, FanRoll originally carried metal dice sets and has since expanded to include gemstone, acrylic, and glow-in-the-dark dice! We love gaming and love having the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience with premium dice. FanRoll manufactures high-quality, unique RPG dice that are limited in the current market. We started with metal dice, but are rapidly expanding our offerings to many other dice colors, materials, and products not currently available in the market.