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KessCo Announces Licensing Partnership with Toei Animation

Kess Entertainment Toei Entertainment

KessCo is ecstatic to announce its licensing partnership with legendary anime studio Toei Animation for the two fan-favorite franchises One Piece and Digimon, which are both celebrating their global 25th anniversaries this year. As part of this exciting collaboration, initials plans for licensed products include two upcoming tabletop titles as well as several outdoor spring/summer toys, all scheduled to release in 2024-2025.


“Having the opportunity to create play experiences for One Piece and Digimon is a dream come true,” shares Alex Kessler, CEO of KessCo. “We are dedicated to finding the joys in life through play, whether it be outdoors, at the beach, or in our living rooms. Coming together to just PLAY is the ultimate goal, and bringing our favorite anime licenses into these experiences is a natural blending of two worlds that are incredibly meaningful to us.”


Since its launch in 2016, KessCo has consistently contributed to innovation in the toy industry through the introduction of its own successful intellectual properties. As the company continues to grow, KessCo plans to further embrace licensing across its product range, with One Piece and Digimon being exciting and well-fit additions to their ever-expanding collection of active outdoor toys and tabletop games.


“Toys and games are a top licensing category for both our One Piece and Digimon franchises,” said Masayuki Endo, President & CEO of Toei Animation Inc. “We’re excited to partner with KESS to provide new opportunities for fans to interact and engage with our franchises and each other.”


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Based in Los Angeles, KessCo aims to provide children and adults with a new way to play through its innovative toys, puzzles, and games. The brand is renowned for its world’s best-selling hoop line, featuring the acclaimed Ice Hoop, as well as a wide range of active and impulse toys for kids of all ages.


KessCo’s de.bored puzzles offer colorful, strategic, and repeatable puzzle play, including artwork from popular influencer artists and anime-focused properties. Within its tabletop gaming division, KESS Entertainment, the company offers adult party games, strategy games, and licensed games spanning a growing list of video game and anime properties.