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Rainbow High Debuts “Rainbow World” in an All-New Fifth Season of the Hit Rainbow High Series

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MGA Entertainment, one of the largest and fastest growing privately held toy companies in the world, has announced the premiere of the fifth season of its hit animated series based on No. 1 fashion doll in 2023, Rainbow High, available globally on YouTube March 22 and offered in many languages on Rainbow High localized YouTube channels. The new season, “Rainbow World,” produced by MGA Entertainment and animated by Pixel Zoo Australia, is set to feature a fantastical take on the Rainbow High storylines and characters that kids and families know and love. The brand continues to demonstrate its commitment to growing in a way that keeps play value, creativity and themes of confidence and self-esteem top of mind with its Spring products and the launch of imaginative new entertainment content.


“We’re so excited to release new doll lines to the Rainbow High community this Spring! Everything is an extension of our very important brand mission that encourages colorful, creative confidence in kids through inspirational product and brand storytelling. With the power of color and fashion, Rainbow High demonstrates that everyone belongs under the rainbow.” said Dominick Lisi, Vice President Brand Marketing for Rainbow High. “We’re expecting a great response from fans to the introduction of “Rainbow World,” which will feature themes of friendship and confidence, a beautifully designed new world, as well as brand new pets – which add another dimension and storyline to our hugely popular animated series.”


Rainbow High brought back original and fan favorite characters from series one with the Rainbow High classic fashion dolls, but with the exciting introduction of a new play pattern – sparkle slime – designed to appeal to the brand’s younger fan base and add more play value to the box. Each doll is articulated and has her own stylish outfit and matching accessories that you can customize with slime. Each doll also comes with their very own adorable, color-tinted pet in which children can use to house their sparkling slime.


Also launching this month is the Rainbow Junior High PJ Party dolls. Both the Rainbow High classic fashion and Rainbow Junior High PJ Party dolls follow the successful launch of the new fashion packs and Rainbow High Swim & Style fashion dolls which launched in January this year. Since its launch, the Swim & Style fashion dolls line has received a phenomenal response, selling out at many retailers in a matter of weeks.


Rainbow High’s classic characters – including Bella, Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, Violet and Amaya – will take center stage in the new animated YouTube series, where viewers will be immersed in the new magical world: “Rainbow World” First premiering in Fall 2020, the four previous seasons of the Rainbow High television series have generated a YouTube community of just under one million subscribers to date and boast an impressive 1.3 billion minutes watched. The new season will include 13 seven-minute-long episodes and will be aimed at encouraging confidence and friendship.


Rainbow High “Rainbow World” feature lots of new experiences and firsts, along with more music than ever. The first episode of the new season introduces fans to a new fantastical world beaming with rainbow colors and sparkles that exists beyond the halls of the Rainbow High school, encouraging kids to aim for success far beyond the binds of professional or school settings and challenging them to stretch their wildest imaginations. Throughout the season, students not only learn how to hone their creative and collaboration skills and shine brighter together, but also to use these skills to help others. The new series also introduces cute companions for each character in the form of sparkly pets, who the characters build close bonds with throughout the series.


All new Spring dolls are available to buy now at mass retailers globally. The series will launch on the official Rainbow High YouTube channel on March 22.