Willow Innovations Unveils Willow 360 with Even More Support for Pumping Moms

Willow 360

Willow Innovations, Inc. (Willow), the Femtech leader disrupting the breastfeeding and pumping industry for more than a decade, today unveiled Willow 360, elevating its leak-proof pumping technology with an enhanced connected and integrated app experience and unmatched, personalized services to support mom’s breastfeeding journey.


Formerly Willow 3.0, the rebranded Willow 360 is the only breast pump to offer moms the ultimate in pumping flexibility, freedom, and control. Fully in-bra with smart, hospital-grade suction, Willow 360 is the only pump that is:


  • 100% leak-proof in any position with a patented continuous latch technology
  • Compatible with hygienic, self-sealing, ready-to-store milk bags or reusable containers
  • App controlled from a phone or Apple Watch to easily control and track pumping sessions and access expert services
  • Built with smart sensors that identify letdowns to automatically and conveniently switch between pump modes


In addition, Willow 360 customers are now supported by 360 Care – a virtual services program providing moms with concierge-level pump support and feeding education, as well as access to a Willow Mom Coach for personalized onboarding and sizing guidance. Through a partnership with SimpliFed, the program also provides direct access to International Board Certified Lactation Consultants.


“As we look at the future of breastfeeding and how our category has evolved, there is still a real need to provide moms with better support. Only with Willow 360, mom now has access to a complete support system for her entire pumping experience,” said Lauren Scocozza, Vice President of Product for Willow. “We thought of the feeding journey from every angle to offer the leak-proof pumping experience mom deserves, plus added sizing support for more comfort and better output and in-app expert services for every step along the way. With a pumping experience this complete, it’s the perfect moment to rebrand this pump as Willow 360.”


Willow first disrupted the breast pump industry in 2017 and forever changed how moms pump with the launch of the industry-first, all-in-one wearable breast pump to free moms from cords and tubes. Today, Willow 360 is poised to break down more barriers to enable moms to feed with confidence and clarity.


In its inaugural State of Feeding Survey, released by Willow, SimpliFed, and Bobbie, 80% of moms planned to provide breastmilk for at least a year, yet, in reality, only 41% did so. Moms reported a lack of feeding support and education as one of the driving forces behind why moms stop breastfeeding. With Willow 360, moms will now have complete support for breastfeeding, sizing, breast care, lactation, pumping, and everything in between.


Visit to learn more, and shop Willow 360 ($499.99) and Willow’s assortment of products designed to make feeding and pumping more convenient for moms.