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Chupa Chups and American Tourister Rock the Sweet Travel Collection!

American tourister Perfetti Van Melle chupa chups

Perfetti Van Melle Licensing is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary collaboration between American Tourister and Chupa Chups, bringing together two iconic brands to infuse our travels with a burst of joy and excitement.


Inspired by Chupa Chups’ “Live the Flavor” attitude, this collection embodies the bold street influences and urban vibes of American Tourister. Each piece features playful designs where iconic flavors meet kaleidoscopic colors, resulting in trendy, functional and high-quality travel accessories.


The Sweet Travel Collection caters to adventurous souls who embrace fun and self-expression. From backpacks and cabin, medium & large spinners to weekender bags, a wide range of accessories is offered to redefine sweet traveling experiences.


Designed for cool explorers and forever-young souls, this collaboration celebrates a playful approach to life, adding excitement to your travels.


Nikhil Gupte, Marketing Director for American Tourister, Kamiliant and High Sierra in APAC & Middle East comments: “Chupa Chups mirrors our shared ethos in the essence of fun, making this partnership the perfect fusion of like-minded brands dedicated to the joys of sweetness, travel, and vibrant adventures.”


“With American Tourister, it was love at first sight! It was a perfect match, as we share the same values and high standards of quality and a passion for design. They have perfectly conveyed the essence of the Chupa Chups brand, infusing it with fun, color and a purpose beyond the product. The result is a vibrant collection that transcends a simple partnership, igniting and sweetening the spirits of the boldest travelers,” says Vanessa Grande, Area Licensing Manager at Perfetti Van Melle.


The collection will be available starting this month on the shelves across numerous Asian markets, including Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and China, to name a few. During the launch, a dynamic array of online and offline activities, events, and strategic marketing initiatives is underway. The commitment is to actively engage with consumers, providing enriching experiences that allow them to ‘Live the Flavor!’


This collaboration isn’t just about travel gear; it’s about adding fun, color and excitement to your travels. It’s a celebration of two creative powerhouses coming together to redefine the way we travel