Beacon Media Group’s 2024 Media Mix Matters Report Reveals Key Trends in Kids’ and Family Media Consumption

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Beacon Media Group, the media and marketing agency subsidiary of Kartoon Studios, Inc (NYSE American: TOON) specializing in kids and family, releases its latest annual landscape outlook, “Media Mix Matters 2024: Emphasizing Audience Consumption,” which addresses the changes shaping kids, parent and family media habits over the last year and offers valuable media mix spend analysis, tailored to the latest viewing behavior across platforms and services.


Presented annually, this comprehensive review offers data-driven updates and custom breakdowns on media spending, audience and market trends, and strategic shifts in media and marketing mixes across the toy, game and other lifestyle categories in the kids, family, and entertainment spaces.


Highlights of the Media Mix Matters 2024 report include:


o Consumer Insatiable Appetite for Consumption: Consumers are choosing all forms of media in both short and long forms across multiple platforms and services, driving the need for mix diversity amidst the digital shift and a look at the new role of linear.


o Streaming Dominance: Multiple streaming services, particularly AVOD (Advertising-Based Video on Demand), are gaining popularity, reflecting consumers’ diverse viewing habits.


o Gaming’s Increased Importance: Gaming has become a more dominant part of the media mix, doubling in its importance year over year and being dominated by platforms like Roblox.


o CTV Opportunity: Connected TV (CTV) presents a significant opportunity as viewership outpaces ad revenue, allowing brands to increase their share of voice.


o Shop Social Continues to Grow: Social commerce, or Shop Social, is a growing trend, highlighting the importance of integrating shopping experiences with social media platforms.


o Newly Defined Generational Objectives: Including new special interest focuses on gamers, anime, gift givers, pets, family travel, the rapidly emerging “kidult” segment, and the emergence of Gen Z as parents.


“Understanding the latest trends in media behaviour is crucial for brands looking to effectively engage with their target audience and create impact,” stated Cindy Kelly, President of Beacon Media Group. “At Beacon, we provide in-depth research and analysis to help our clients understand the media landscape, trends, and generational platform patterns. This enables us to craft the most effective media strategy for our clients.” “We are pleased to present our Media Mix Matters 2024: Emphasizing Audience Consumption report and share our commitment to research, which is at the heart of everything we do,” said Jennifer Wirchansky, Head of Research at Beacon Media Group. “In today’s dynamic media environments, data-driven decisions are key, and our report aims to help teams drive success in 2024 and beyond.”


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