Clever Noodle Partners with Renowned Artist Jeff Koons to Launch Innovative Reading Game ‘Popped!’

Jeff Koons Popped!

Clever Noodle, an award-winning startup dedicated to creating engaging educational games, has announced the launch of its phonics-based game, Popped!, in collaboration with world-acclaimed artist Jeff Koons.


The dynamic and immersive game is designed to make learning to read an enjoyable adventure, with Koons’ iconic Balloon Dog serving as the game’s visual centerpiece. “Popped!” was co-developed with national literacy experts to make sure it helps equip children with essential reading skills – while fostering a love for learning and art. It leverages the science of reading, an evidence-based approach that addresses the complex process of how children’s brains learn to read and write.


The game will be available for purchase starting April 30 exclusively at Clever Noodle’s website and at Amazon starting May 14. Popped! will be discounted 10% for customers shopping within the first 24 hours of release. In addition to the game being available, 10 copies, signed by artist Jeff Koons will be available for purchase, first come first served on Clever Noodle’s website.


“At the heart of “Popped!” also lies a mission to address the need for cutting-edge, phonics-based reading education today,” said Jacquelyn Davis, Founder, CEO & Mom-in-Chief, Clever Noodle. “Popped!” aims to help children develop as readers by reducing the “burden” and making the activity fun and light for kids and parents alike. We use a science based method that looks at the complex process of how children’s brains learn to read and write and we make the learning process fun. Our games are really fun and highly effective, based on cutting-edge reading brain science.”


She continued, “Leveraging Mr. Koons’ Balloon Dog to combine the fun of reading with the amazing world of art takes this game to the next level. Mr. Koons’ passion for literacy and his attention to detail played a big role in the creation of the game. He wanted the game to be extremely optimistic, generous, and upbeat. And it is.”


Popped! focuses on teaching children Consonant (C) – Vowel (V) – Consonant (C ) word patterns, a key foundational step in learning to read. Popped! teaches far more than just basic CVC words. Popped! supports children with 250 CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC words, across three levels of difficulty, accelerating their mastery.


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