Toca Boca Is Entering the Multiplayer Universe with the Release of Toca Boca Days

Toca Boca Days

Spin Master’s Toca Boca studio, with its commitment to self-expression and inclusivity in gaming, is entering the multiplayer domain with Toca Boca Days digital game, being released this year beginning this summer. This strategic expansion caters to the evolving needs of kids and tweens by providing an emotionally rewarding and safe multiplayer environment.


Over the past decade, Toca Boca studio has been at the forefront of innovative gaming, emphasizing play, self-expression and creativity with more than 60 million monthly active users and awards like Apple’s 2021 iPhone App of the Year. The introduction of Toca Boca Days digital game marks the studios strategic entry into the realm of multiplayer online gaming, a popular and growing gaming category for tweens worldwide.


“For the first time ever, you can create, explore, and express yourself together with your friends in the Toca Boca universe,” says Emil Ovemar, co-founder of Toca Boca and head of studio. “This new dimension of play not only enhances the interactive experience but also deepens the connection between players, fostering a community where co-creation is at the heart.”


Toca Boca Days digital game represents a significant evolution for the brand, aligning its growth trajectory with the shifting preferences of its kid and tween audience. This development expands the core Toca Boca experience with multiplayer capabilities, enabling players to interact, collaborate and create in a safe and imaginative setting.


“Toca Boca creates playful and safe environments for kids and tweens to express themselves and their identities,” says Mathilda Engman, head of product at Toca Boca. “Prioritizing a kids-first experience, Toca Boca Days addresses the emotional need that tweens have for a sense of belonging in the multiplayer gaming market with a rewarding and safe space, powered by open-ended play.”


The studio is also unveiling a significant brand refresh. Building on a rich history of over 40 released apps, this update focuses on enhancing Toca Boca WorldTM and introducing the Toca Boca Days digital game. The refresh lays the foundation for a brand-new expression, designed to unify and strengthen Toca Boca’s identity, paving the way for the future.


Toca Boca Days digital game is rolling out market by market and players are invited to be a part of the journey as the game continues to evolve and grow. Fans can go to to see when the game will launch in their country and provide their input.


Toca Boca was founded in 2011 with a simple mission – to create playful, safe spaces where kids can have fun and feel free to be themselves. Solo or social, kid, tween or teen. Today, more than 60 million kids from all over the world play Toca Boca’s games every month. That’s right. Every. Single. Month. The studio’s award-winning app, Toca Boca World, is its biggest game to date. It’s an ever-evolving world where kids are in total control. Toca Boca is based in Stockholm, and owned by Spin Master Corp., a leading global children’s entertainment company. For more information, visit