New Douglas Soft Cows and Critters Recently Spotted out West

Douglas Laddie

The newest Home on the Range animals from Douglas Company are howling with fun. Highland Cows are going viral and so much more when it comes to the plush toy company and lifestyle gift creators true to life breeds. The fabric choices, the texture to create realism, it’s inspiring. There are eight new Home of the Range animals just introduced.


Meet Laddie the Cream Highland Cow Soft. She will take your breath away! She is luxurious in light cream and sweet caramel. Her bodice is long haired while her hooves, horns, nose and inside of her perky ears are smooth like velvet. There is a tousled fluff of hair atop her magnificent head. Laddie is 10″ long.


Get your eyes on Carmie the Mountain Lion Soft. This 12″ long beauty is one you will want closer to home. She has beautifully colored and textured fur that includes caramel, black and brown. Her footpads and underbelly are soft cream. Her eyes and expression and tiny pink nose are so endearing.


Austin the Armadillo is incredible at 15″ long. This fella is the definition of texture. His fur has been sculpted in a manner that reveals scales from his head to the tip of his tail. His underbelly is completely cream as are the insides of his tiny ears. His body is shades of ivory to brown.


Melonie the Moose is an 8” Mini Soft. She has dominant textured antlers on top of her moose shaped head. She is extra floppy and cuddly soft and entirely chocolate brown.


Buffie the Buffalo Soft looks like she belongs in Yellowstone. She is full of chocolate brown texture from her head to her hooves at 11″ long. Her legs are short haired and soft while her hooves are velvety smooth. She has a prominent brown nose and a set of beautiful ivory antlers.


Freddie the Fox Super Soft is 12″ tall, and it might take you a minute to realize this one is plush. He looks very much like a real red fox. His body and head are burnt orange with black legs and ears. His underbelly is fluffy white just like the tip of his tail.


Fernie the Fawn super soft is everything soft and sweet. At 12″ tall this caramel cutie is two arms full of love. Her antlers and hooves are created from a velvety smooth caramel fabric while her mug and the insides of her ears are marshmallow white. Brownie the Bear Mini Soft is a darling 6″ long bear cub. He is completely chocolate brown except for his cream-colored snout. He has deep ebony eyes and a sweet chocolate nose.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Home on the Range animals are available in stores now! Douglas products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.