Toy Association News – Congress Relaunches Bipartisan Toy Caucus

Congressional Toy Caucus

US Representatives Seth Magaziner (D-RI) and Rob Wittman (R-VA) relaunched the bipartisan Congressional Toy Caucus to create a forum for the US toy industry and elevate the important role the industry has in the education and development of children.


The Toy Caucus is dedicated to raising awareness on issues impacting the toy industry, including ensuring product safety, protecting children’s online safety, securing resilient supply chains, mitigating the sale of illegal and counterfeit products, and advancing environmental sustainability.


“The Toy Association applauds Congressman Wittman and Congressman Magaziner for coming together to start The Congressional Toy Caucus. This caucus will create a forum for members of the toy community to engage directly with lawmakers in a constructive dialogue about issues currently facing the US toy industry and their individual businesses,” said Andy Keimach, president & chief executive at The Toy Association.


“In addition to raising awareness about critical issues like product safety, trade, and counterfeits, the caucus will enable us to educate members of Congress on the positive economic impact that toy businesses have in their local communities and nationwide, as well as the developmental benefits of play for children of all ages,” Keimach continued. “At the end of the day, the decisions made by federal policymakers impact real people and real companies, and we intend to underscore that message through our work in the caucus.”


-Original piece written by The Toy Association-