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Global Toy Company Wyncor Signs with ACD Distribution for Mid-Tier and Specialty US Retail Distribution

ACD Distribution Wyncor

Wyncor, the newly established global toy company committed to creating innovative and imaginative toys aligned with its intellectual properties and premium brands, has signed a distribution agreement with ACD Distribution, a leading distributor in the toy and game industry, to distribute the company’s products to mid-tier and specialty retailers across the US. The announcement was made by Helena Perheentupa, COO, Wyncor.


Perheentupa will work closely with ACD Distribution to spearhead strategic distribution of the company’s innovative product lines. These include patented toys such as the ultimate collectible, the Miraball, that features three “Little but Legendary” surprises; Magic ReClay, the first toy compound that transforms from solid to fluid and back again at a water temperature that’s totally safe for playtime and ready to be molded into whatever young imaginations desire; and SwopPop (patent filed), a fashion-forward line of unique “minipop” bags that are fully customizable and interchangeable. Additional products include Mon Ami, a range of 9½-inch glossy and glittery-eyed animal plush; and Oozy Squeezy, a sensory surprise in five ranges.


Wyncor holds global rights from powerhouse companies Paramount, Hasbro, ZAG, and Emoji Company to manufacture and distribute select products from the Wyncor line. Available from summer 2024, Wyncor will feature Paramount’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob SquarePants, and Spin Master’s PAW Patrol on the Miraball and Magic ReClay; Hasbro’s Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Transformers (excluding Japan), and Monopoly on the Miraball; Emoji Company on the Miraball and SwopPop; and ZAG’s Miraculous is already at retail with the Miraball, SwopPop, and Mon Ami Kwamis, with Magic ReClay launching summer 2024. The company will donate a percentage of global toy sales to Gustave Roussy, the leading comprehensive cancer center in Europe, for research against cancer.


Founded in 1993, ACD specializes in servicing independent and mid-tier retailers in the toy and game markets and works with retailers in all 50 states and select U.S. territories.


“For over 30 years, owners Bob Maher and Danny Procell have provided a sophisticated distribution operation to toy companies to reach over 4,000 retailers across the U.S.,” commented Perheentupa. “As a privately owned and operated company attentive to the needs of retailers, and with a dedicated sales and marketing team to promote our lines and products, we are confident that with their advanced digital platform, strategically placed warehouses, and first-class customer service, our new products featuring in-demand global brands will soon be available at retail to consumers across the U.S.”


“Wyncor has burst onto the toy scene with a truly innovative range of products featuring some of today’s most popular brands that will appeal broadly to the U.S. consumer,” added Bob Maher, President of ACD Distribution. “We look forward to the beginning of this exciting new partnership.”


The Miraball, featuring Miraculous, made its successful retail debut in fall 2023 across 20 markets; and in the U.S. reported strong sales at brick-and-mortar stores Target, Fred Meyer, and Meijer, and online at Amazon. Wyncor’s diverse product lines are now available in 45+ countries at leading retail outlets.