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Toho International, RIPNDIP, and YouTooz Unveil Epic Limited Edition Godzilla Collection

Nermal Godzilla RIPNDIP

Get ready for a crossover so hot it’s practically on fire, as Toho International, the Japanese studio’s US-based subsidiary that has brought Godzilla to life, along with cutting-edge streetwear brand RIPNDIP, and collectibles company Youtooz, have come together for the ultimate Godzilla merch collab. Launching on Youtooz on April 16, fans of the famous Kaiju will have access to limited edition plush and apparel that is sure to be a must-have addition to any collection.


Inspired by the King of the Monsters and RIPNDIP’s unfazed feline mascot Nermal, the Youtooz X RIPNDIP X Godzilla collection will include a 9-inch Nermal and Godzilla crossover plush. With a scaly green body and Godzilla’s face atop his head, this plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of the absolute softest minky material, ideal for cuddling the King of the Monsters himself! With prices ranging from $29.99 to $90, additional products available include a solid black hoodie, perfect for staying toasty warm any time of the year and printed with the adorable Nermal wearing his favorite Godzilla costume on the front, and a black t-shirt printed featuring Nermal wearing his best Godzilla costume.


Since debuting in the titular 1954 film which fathered the giant monster genre, Godzilla has taken on dozens of forms and fought even more spectacular foes in its nearly 70 years in pop culture. Toho International has stayed true to its vision of collaborating with both mainstream entertainment and subculture icons to bring fans new and exciting ways to connect with the one and only King of the Monsters, and this is the latest collaboration as the brand continues to expand across toys & collectibles, gaming, apparel, accessories, publishing, seasonal, housewares, food & beverage, and many more categories.


Fans can check out the collection on Youtooz at, and get ready to shop on the Godzilla Store when the collection releases on April 16.