KidStuff Public Relations Signs Four More in 2024 as 30th Anniversary Celebration Continues

KidStuff PR Four

KidStuff Public Relations continues to pop the champagne corks as its 30th Anniversary year has more good news to share. Four toymakers have signed with the storied PR agency headed by Lisa Orman, named twice as a Wonder Woman by Women In Toys (WIT) as one of the industry’s top thought leaders on kids’ stuff.


As of April 2024, KidStuff PR is the Agency of Record for Fun In Motion Toys, Top Secret Toys, MEAVIA and Purpose Toys. Each toy company adds something truly special to the Toy Aisle. Childhood and young adulthood is all about play and these four toymakers make sure all ages, all ethnicities and all abilities are seen and included.


Fun In Motion Toys, as its name implies, creates mesmerizing toys that inspire movement in the body and stimulate the mind! Their toys bring happiness, focus, brain boost and stress release to people of all ages. The company is best-known for the original and best-selling magnetic puzzle cube, Shashibo, which topped the Amazon sales charts in the Toys & Games category consistently in the fourth quarter of 2023. Shashibo stands for shape-shifting-box and just one 2.4” magically mysterious Shashibo cube transforms into over 70 shapes. Choose from more than 40 designs. Their new TECTI Kinetic Building System was also just named as a finalist in the Building category for the 2024 ASTRA Play Awards.


Learning can be as fun as playing and playing is always rich with surprises. Such is the life of toy inventors including the owners of Top Secret Toys, who have decades of innovation to draw upon. They have built an exciting range of brands from the nostalgic GigaPets and SpinPop™ to a unique line of Dissect-It STEM kits and Hovertech flying toys and target games. KidStuff PR will be unveiling the next five big secrets from Top Secret Toys in Q2 2024.


A new toy brand, MEAVIA (Latin for “my way”), is creating joyful playthings for kids on the spectrum. Astra named Sunny, the Weighted Sensory Sea Turtle, a finalist in the Sensory category for the 2024 Astra Play Awards. Other weighted sensory friends feature a plush octopus and elephant. Parents may need to move the furniture to spread out the please-touch 40” x 27” Giant Rainbow Sequins and Giant Learning Discovery Sequins tactile mats.


Purpose Toys are known for its Naturalistas fashion dolls which honor the culture and nuance of Natural Hair. Carried internationally and across major retail outlets, Naturalistas were created to celebrate children with coily, curly, loc’d, and naturally textured hair. Recently Purpose Toys made its historic launch of Latinistas, the world’s first all-Latina line of fashion dolls carried at major retailers.


As KidStuff PR (1994-2024) celebrates three decades of promoting playthings and services for families, the agency has seen the toy industry, the media world and parenting go through a lot of changes. But one thing has always stayed the same. The nimble agency has been helping companies ranging from small start-up toy companies and retailers to medium and larger-sized manufacturers spread the word – everywhere — about their products. Under the leadership of agency President Lisa Orman, KidStuff PR is one of a very small number of public relations agencies focusing only on the play industry.