Douglas Company Welcome Dinos, Dragons, and Unicorns, Oh My!

Douglas Dino

When it comes to prehistoric times, magic and fantastical creatures Douglas Company has all the charm. The plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator establishes the future from the past in their latest Softs inductees. Four new dinos from prehistoric times, a mystical dragon and, everybody’s favorite, three new unicorns will join the Softs line-up.


Stephanie the Pink T-Rex Soft is a true armful of cuteness with her hot pink plush body and bright turquoise belly. At 10″ tall she is whimsical in nature even with her full mouth of jagged white teeth.


Stompie the Stegosaurus Soft is equally charming in bright jade green. At a full 14″ long, this Stegosaurus has a row of bright orange scales that run the length of his spine.


Kennie the Blue T-Rex Soft stands at attention at 10″ tall. His cadet blue color is accented with a bright peach belly.


Roarie the Green Dino Mini Soft is just 8″ long and completes this new dinosaur introduction. Roarie is sweet in soft sage green and light blue with cream-colored horns. This new Roarie is a Mini Soft.


Sootie the Dragon SUPER SOFT is the newest size of the original Sootie offered at 6” Mini and 9” regular Soft. This Sootie is 12″ tall and an armful and more of this favorite little dragon. Sootie is rich charcoal from head to toe. Her wings are textured with a blend of fabrics, also gray. Her piercing blue eyes are sure to create magic.


Ellie the Unicorn Mini Soft is a lavender cutie pie. She is 7” long, has a flowing white mane and white fluffy tail with ivory hooves. Her twisted unicorn horn is metallic gold and offsets her beautiful big eyes.


Elodie the White Unicorn is another well-known from Douglas. Previously available in only the 6” and 9” size of Soft, this Elodie is now available as a SUPER SOFT at 12” tall. She is elegant in perfect white with bright gold eyes. Her unicorn horn and hooves are sparkling metallic gold.


Kylie the Unicorn Soft is a 10” tall, rainbow sherbet dream. Her coat is pastel rainbow colors just like the ice cream. Her hoof pads are glistening metallic gold and match her glistening gold unicorn horn.


Like all of Douglas’ Softs these newest introductions are irresistibly huggable, crazy soft and charmingly floppy. They include texture and both naturalistic and color that are both natural to the breed and whimsical in nature.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Dinos, Dragons and Unicorns are available on store shelves now. Douglas’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.