Miniland Launches Innovators in Inclusion Campaign Initiative to Celebrate Brand’s Role as Visionary in Inclusive Toys

Innovators in Inclusion

Miniland, award-winning creator of educational toys and games, has officially launched its latest initiative to promote its position as innovators in inclusive toys: Innovators in Inclusion.


This campaign aims to promote Miniland’s role in paving the way for inclusivity in toys, encouraging tolerance, diversity, positive self-esteem, respect and kindness.


“Our journey of innovation in inclusion has always been fueled by our goal to normalize the differences among us, starting with early learning in childhood,” said Clara Roque, National Sales Manager for Miniland USA. “After being honored with prestigious awards for our ground-breaking toys, putting smiles on the faces of children with Down syndrome, vitiligo, or hearing impairment, providing a safe place for children to accept themselves and one another, we wanted to celebrate these achievements. Everyone deserves to be seen, heard and accepted and there is no better way to learn that lesson than through play.”


Over the past few years, Miniland has won countless awards for its revolutionary products, including dolls with Down syndrome and hearing implants, blocks showcasing families of all types, genders and ethnicities, and communicative games encouraging young children to identify and express their emotions. They began partnering with the National Down Syndrome Society in 2022 and have collaborated with multiple influencers within the DS and hard of hearing communities.


In most cases, they are considered the first toy manufacturer to venture into these causes, creating inclusive toys that empower children around the world.


Throughout April and May, Miniland will be promoting this campaign through national media and its social media channels. They will also be partnering with influencers within the parenting and educational communities to further educate consumers on the value of inclusive play.


The brand’s Innovators in Inclusion campaign will focus on its expanded Colourful Dolls Edition line, which includes its newest member Baby Doll with Vitiligo, and promote its availability at specialty and online retailers nationwide with social media content and digital ads. Retailers will have access to the brand’s campaign assets where they can share educational content and encourage their customers to learn more about inclusion in play, and enjoy various perks for supporting Miniland’s efforts.


“We are so grateful for the support the toy industry has shown us since we first launched our brand in the US,” said Roque. “We are both honored and humbled by the impact our products have made


among consumers and other manufacturers who were inspired to follow in our footsteps. The more inclusive toys available to children, the greater the impact we have on creating a more accepting, and kinder, world.” To view their Innovators in Inclusion video, click here.


Miniland was founded in Spain over six decades ago and successfully launched in the US in 2009, going on to become TOTY Finalists for “Doll of the Year” and “Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year”, and winners of countless industry awards including The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Play for Change, and most recently two Mom’s Choice Awards for their best-selling Sensorial Reef and Hispanic Boy Doll with Hearing Implant. By harnessing a young child’s hunger for learning, Miniland believes that empowering twenty-first century skills with multiple play experiences enhances children’s social and emotional development through critical stages of childhood. Inspired by active collaboration, collective creativity, and continual learning and with the support of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, whereby intelligence in children is not a single, static quality, Miniland’s array of educational toys and games are made for children ages 0 to 7 to experiment with the world both in and out of the classroom. Miniland’s toys, tools and resources encourage education from multiple approaches, challenging young children to learn in a balanced way, evolving beyond current educational standards.