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PMI Kids’ World Secures Global Licensing Deal with Minecraft

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PMI Kids’ World, a toy company renowned for its mega-popular gaming and licensed collectibles, has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with the iconic gaming phenomenon, Minecraft. This strategic partnership aims to bring a new dimension to the collectibles industry, offering fans an immersive experience through a range of Minecraft-themed impulse, plush, collectibles, and stationery products launching this summer.


Minecraft, crafted by the talented team at Mojang Studios, began its journey as a video game, quickly evolving into a cultural sensation. This immersive sandbox experience transcended its gaming roots to become a timeless media franchise, giving rise to a myriad of books, merchandise, events, and even an eagerly anticipated theatrical film. Captivating a diverse and enthusiastic fan base, the Minecraft community has cultivated a fervor that extends beyond the digital realm, turning a pixelated adventure into a multi-dimensional phenomenon.


In the past year, PMI Kids’ World has emerged as one of the world’s leaders in the gaming space and licensed collectibles, consistently delivering must-have items from major IPs. Notable successes include turning Sonic Prime fans into collectors, and bringing the popular multiplayer online games Stumble Guys and Among Us beyond the screen, two viral games with over 160 million monthly players collectively. PMI’s achievements also extend to their launch of the Web3-born brand Pudgy Penguins, an instant Amazon hotlist topper, which sold over half a million units within days at the Pudgy Penguins storefront.


“Minecraft has evolved into an unparalleled evergreen media franchise, and we are excited to see the boundless possibilities this partnership holds,” said Omer Dekel, COO of PMI Kids’ World. “Our track record of providing communities with fresh and inventive ways to engage with their fandoms aligns seamlessly with Minecraft’s imaginative play options.”


This summer, fans can immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Minecraft with PMI’s latest collection of premium stationery and irresistible collectibles. Designed to captivate fans across the globe, this innovative line invites enthusiasts to elevate their collections and proudly display their fandom in a new way.


Established in 1995, PMI Kids’ World is a leading gaming-sector toy manufacturer focused on licensing consumer products in over 130 countries. PMI Kids’ World gives licensed intellectual properties (IPs) a vibrant existence by creating high-quality, innovative, affordable toys and collectibles. We’re here to bring the mega children’s brands and the coolest lines to kids worldwide. Our lineup includes esteemed names like Sonic Prime, Pudgy Penguins, Brawl Stars, and many others. Rooted in our purpose is the aspiration to ensure that every child can partake in the delight of play, irrespective of their circumstances.