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Minecraft Heads Into Licensing Expo with New Partners, 15th Anniversary, and Feature Film Set for 2025 Release

Minecraft 15th

This year, Minecraft celebrates its 15th anniversary of gripping adventures, mind-blowing creations, and a community that has left its mark on every block! From its debut in 2009 to over 300 million copies worldwide and one trillion views on YouTube, what started as a game and platform for creative expression has evolved into an evergreen entertainment franchise, with each year delivering new products and partners, entertainment content, games, and more.


As part of the continued 15th anniversary global licensing expansion efforts for Minecraft, which now has partnered with over 180 licensees globally, new products for the brand will soon be available for the first time in the Beauty and Consumer Electronics categories through multiple soon to be announced partners. In addition, Mojang Studios has also signed new partners and products, including Colgate (oral care), PEZ (collectible candy), Igloo (coolers), Felt Right (home décor), Give and Go (cookie and structure kits), Krusteaz (Buck Wild Savory Snack Mix), Bright Matter books (workbooks), Minecraft Go Gurt (yogurt), Dynacraft (bikes) DK Children (Minecraft Ideas Book), as well as the Minecraft: Official Pop Up Book by Matthew Rinehardt. Additionally, Secretlab is launching a new Enderman gaming chair skin and Wolf lumbar pillow which will debut this month.


Minecraft also partnered with Walmart on a nationwide retail launch featuring branded products from several with licensing partners including a collection from Justice, featuring an array of tops, bottoms, accessories, sleep sets, and swimwear.


“Over the past three years, we have been working tirelessly to rapidly ramp up Minecraft’s consumer products business with fresh and relevant products by focusing our efforts on category expansion, retailer relationships, and international growth through our agent partnerships with Retail Monster, CAA, and Merchantwise,” stated Federico San Martin, Global Head of Consumer Products for Minecraft. “As we celebrate 15 years and look forward to the next 10, 15, 20, our focus remains on creating unique physical and digital Minecraft experiences to further engage our loyal global community and delight new generations, as we continue to launch new products, games, movies, experiential opportunities, and more.”


These new partners join a growing list of licensees worldwide, including global partners LEGO, Mattel, Hasbro, Random House, Hallmark, Panini, Paladone, Havaianas, and Uniqlo. Regional partners include Kellogg’s, Crayola, American Greetings, Crunchpak, Dynacraft, Huffy, Bladez Toys, Procos, Andromeda, Fashion UK, Character World, Cataic, and Caprice, to mention a few. Minecraft has also launched strategic collaborations with several renowned global fashion lines, including Crocs, Burberry, Lacoste, and Puma.


Minecraft products are carried at key retailers with new international retail activations at Parco (Japan), Big W and The Warehouse (Australia & Nz), Smyths (EU) and C&A (LATAM) among others. Additional retail partners around the world include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kohl’s, GameStop, Barnes & Noble, Primark, Pottery Barn, , Best Buy, Hot Topic, Smyths, Tesco, EB Games, Big W, Liverpool, C&A, Asda, and Riachuelo to name a few.


On April 4, 2025, Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment and Mojang Studios will see its first-ever live-action adaptation of Minecraft hit the big screen with A Minecraft Movie, directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre) and featuring an all-star cast, including Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Dune), Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda, The Mandalorian, Super Mario Bros. Movie), Emma Myers (Wednesday), Danielle Brooks (Peacemaker, Orange Is the New Black), Sebastian Eugene Hansen (Lisey’s Story), with Jennifer Coolidge (White Lotus), and Kate McKinnon (Barbie).


A Minecraft Movie promises to offer fans a new perspective on the world they know and love. Through compelling storytelling and world-building, the film will deepen the lore of Minecraft and explore aspects of the universe that may not be fully realized in the game alone. The Minecraft community can expect stunning visuals that capture the iconic blocky aesthetic of Minecraft while also expanding upon it to create a visually rich and immersive world. Mojang is working in conjunction with Warner Bros. to deliver this vision into a multi-category Licensing and Promotional program.


San Martin commented: “We are excited to see Jared Hess’ vision of Minecraft come to life with exciting and dynamic performances from the stellar ensemble cast. The film serves as a significant expansion of the Minecraft franchise into the realm of film and entertainment media and will introduce the Minecraft universe to new audiences who may not be familiar with the game, further increasing the franchise’s reach and cultural impact. We look forward to meeting potential partners at Licensing Expo to explore new product collaborations to support the movie’s release next year!”


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