New Jumbo Plush Promises Big Fun at Douglas

Douglas Jumbo bearded dragon

Go big or go home when it comes to plush at Douglas Company! The plush toy maker and lifestyle gift creator is adding Jumbo plush to its lineup! Talk about a full wrap around hug, these beauties are big on cuddle time.


Boots the Jumbo Cat is thirty inches long and full of squish. Boots is a classic gray and white cat with a full gray body and white paws, nose patch and chest. His ear lining and nose are soft pink. He is fully floppy and poseable. Not only is he a great snuggler, but he makes a great statement piece on a child’s bed as well.


Maple the Jumbo Dog is looking for some attention of his own. This twenty-three-inch, standing tall, golden pup is maxed out in softness. He is head high for a perfect kiss and is style savvy wearing a red bandana.


Jefferson the Jumbo Bear has a potbelly like no other. This thirty-inch sitting fella is head to toe chocolate brown. His snout is light cream. He has long arms that are meant to wrap fully around your little one.


Palmer the Jumbo Pig is so big he may need a bigger pen. He is twenty-five inches long, all white with tiny brown speckles all over him. His hooves are soft pink as is his prominent snout and ear lining. He not only gives a good hug but makes a great head rest as well.


Boogie the Jumbo Bearded Dragon just might cause you to startle. At forty-one inches long this salamander-like creature is very life-like in nature albeit larger than a true bearded dragon. He has a checkered gold on gold pattern representative of scales across his entire body and has a light peach underbelly. He also has prominent beige fingerlike paws and three-dimensional scales down both sides of his body and around his head. This guy demands attention.


Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ newest Jumbo Animals will hit store shelves in early September. Douglas products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada.