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PBS KIDS New Summer Content Begins Rolling Out June 3

Summer PBS Kids

Summer is just around the corner and PBS KIDS is heating up with a fresh batch of brand-new content for kids and families! From fresh episodes of fan favorites Work It Out Wombats! and Lyla In The Loop, plus a can’t-miss Juneteenth-themed episode of the Peabody Award-winning and Emmy-nominated Molly of Denali, and so much more, here’s a closer look at what’s coming up for PBS KIDS this summer.


Elinor Wonders Why Season 2 (premieres June 3) – The new Season 2 episodes follow Elinor, Ari, and Olive as they continue exploring and meeting new friends while learning all about the world around them and how it works.

Pinkalicious A Pinkerton Family Vacation (premieres June 10) – The Pinkertons are taking a family vacation road trip to see all the Pink Wonders of the World, but when they make a wrong turn into Beigeville, everything is beige instead of pink!

Molly of Denali (premieres June 17) – The new episodes kick off with a very special Juneteenth episode in which Trini enlists the help of Molly and Tooey to plan the first—and best!—Juneteenth celebration in Qyah. In the episodes that follow, Molly and her friends continue to discover Alaska as she learns more about her Alaska Native heritage.

Rosie’s Rules (premieres June 24) – The latest episodes tag along with Rosie as she learns all about inventing, recycling, music, and the importance of making and following rules.

Work It Out Wombats! (premieres July 1) – Malik, Zadie, and Zeke embark on new adventures in the upcoming episodes, helping their friends and learning about cause and effect, patterns, and design along the way.

Brambletown (premieres July 26) – A narrative visual album film using sstop-motion construction paper style animation based on the Grammy-winning band The Okee Dokee Brothers’ album of the same name. It follows two best friends, Fox and Badger, as they return to their forest home, Brambletown. As they discover new sides of themselves, their friendship, and the community, they learn that even in the darkest moments, they still have the power to heal.

Lyla in the Loop (premieres August 5) – Kids and families can join Lyla, Stu, and the whole Loops crew as they problem-solve their way through more Looptastic shenanigans. The latest fun-filled adventures will have them traveling to new locations and meeting a new character, Ale, a 7-year-old Cuban girl with a voracious sense of wonder.