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Baby Einstein Releases Four New Shows on YouTube

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Baby Einstein is back in the video business releasing four new shows for children on YouTube.

Baby Einstein, a Kids2 brand, recently launched “Patches Number Forest™ & Counting with Earl™““Cal’s Soundyard™”, “Manners Manor™”. Each series includes 5-10 short-form episodes ranging from three to seven minutes. The shows focus on popular themes searched by parents, according to YouTube search data. The brand is releasing a fifth new series this fall.

Baby Einstein encourages parents to co-view these short episodes with their child.

“From creating products that inspire curious playtime to delivering media for parents and children to view together, curiosity is at the core of Baby Einstein,” said David Butler, chief growth officer of Kids2 the parent company of Baby Einstein.

In addition, the Baby Einstein™ Classics that today’s millennial parents know and love from their own childhood have been repackaged and are now airing on various streaming platforms.  For the first time, the whole Baby Einstein Classics library is available for streaming with all 34 original videos organized into seven seasons of episodes including updated intros and credits. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes. The episodes are included in subscription-based and advertising based streaming platforms and available for purchase as downloads.

“Many parents and fans still love and appreciate the original Baby Einstein videos and ask for more access to the original content,” Butler continued. “We believe it is important to share this rich content for parents to experience along with their children.”

Baby Einstein was launched as a media company in 1996 with a series of STEAM-based content on VHS/DVDs developed by a mom entrepreneur. In 2018, Kids2 relaunched Baby Einstein with a purpose to help parents cultivate curiosity—within their children and themselves—through experiences of shared discovery and creativity.

“We are returning to our roots to develop stories that feature the fun Baby Einstein characters in captivating adventures that inspire curiosity and teach concepts based on The Einstein Way, a curiosity-driven learning philosophy, from industry experts, inspired by Montessori and STEAM.”