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Cloudco Entertainment’s Tinpo to Launch Across Latin America on Noggin


Latin America sales specialist Spiral International has secured a pan-regional deal with Nickelodeon Latin America for the CGI animated series, Tinpo, with the series debuting this August in Spanish and Portuguese on Nick Jr. Latin America’s premium edutainment app, Noggin. Originally ordered by the U.K.’s Cbeebies, the 78 x 7’ preschool show is a partnership between Cloudco Entertainment, Dentsu Inc. and OLM, Inc., and is produced in association with Sprite Entertainment, Inc. (dba Sprite Animation Studios/OLM Digital, Inc.).

Zasha Robles, Managing Director at Spiral International stated: “We are delighted to bring these fun and clever stories that encourage kids to deploy their creativity in order to go the extra mile. Both children and parents will fall in love with Tinpo’s characters, its production design and its imaginative approach to story-telling.”

Combining themes of construction and unconventional problem-solving, the main character of Tinpo and his team resolve problems in their unique world in ways that are never the most practical but always the most fun, innovative and marvelously unexpected. And just as importantly “team Tinpo” always gets the job done. Whether the characters turn a house upside down to put a dance floor on the ceiling, or reroute storm clouds to preserve a sunny holiday, Tinpo and his compatriots always come up with a solution that solves the problem at hand and brings lots of new fun into their world while doing so.

Migdalis Silva, Vice President of Programming and Acquisitions for Nickelodeon Latin America said, “Tinpo is the perfect fit for Noggin’s audience. The show checks off all the boxes for young viewers and their parents featuring incredibly unique, engaging and positive characters and storylines that encourage independent thinking.”

Karen Vermeulen, Head of Global Content Strategy and co-productions for Cloudco Entertainment, also added: “Beautifully conceived, written, designed and animated, every single  episode of Tinpo is as   engaging esthetically as it is intellectually, since Tinpo encourages all of its characters to approach each day’s challenges in the most fun, creative ways possible.”