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Stan Lee Series Sneak Peek Announced

stan lee superhero kindergarten

Genius Brands International, Inc. announces a sneak peek event for season one of the Company’s new animated children’s series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, Co-Executive Produced by and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which will officially premiere on: Kartoon Channel! in spring 2021.  To download the app, please visit https://linktr.ee/kartoonchannel.

Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, an action-adventure comedy series, is one of the last creations from the genius mind of the late Stan Lee.  The school day at Superhero Kindergarten is a lot like that at any other kindergarten…except these six extraordinary students have a secret… They are superheroes! Rather than powers derived from a radioactive spider bite or gamma rays, these special kids’ powers come from common kindergarten items like white glue, putty, building blocks and yes, even farts (yuck!).  And thankfully, they have Arnold Armstrong (AKA Captain Fantastic, the greatest superhero to ever live!) as their teacher (voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Sponsored by toy company Laser Pegs, the sneak peek weekend event will be preceded by an introduction from Schwarzenegger himself, and will air beginning Friday, January 29th at 12:00pm EST through Sunday, January 31st at 11:59pm PST, exclusively on Kartoon Channel! In addition to content “Brought to you by Laser Pegs,” the toy company will provide prize packs of their unique STEM construction toys for social media promotions across Kartoon Channel! platforms.

Schwarzenegger stated: “I am excited to work with Genius Brands to share a first look at Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, my first ever animated children’s series coming this spring to the Kartoon Channel!  I am especially proud and honored to bring Stan Lee’s vision and one of his last creations to life in this masterful production, sharing positive nuggets of value such as health and fitness tips, inclusivity, diversity, anti-bullying and more.”

Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten is voice directed by John Landis, one of the most successful movie directors of all time, with Steven Banks, former head writer for SpongeBob SquarePants, serving as head writer for the series.  Produced by Genius Brands and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment in association with Schwarzenegger’s Oak Productions, the series features 26 half-hours for global distribution with Genius Brands concurrently launching a comprehensive retail program. Gill Champion, CEO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment; Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO of Genius Brands; Schwarzenegger; and Paul Wachter of Main Street Advisors serve as executive producers.

“This unveiling is a special event for Genius Brands, as it represents the culmination of countless of hours of hard work by some of the most proven hit makers in the entertainment industry. Stan Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Landis, together, have been responsible for billions of dollars of box office revenue from hit movies, series and consumer products, and we have no doubt that more magic will be made with Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten,” commented Andy Heyward, Chairman & CEO of Genius Brands. “We are especially excited to help realize this vision of Stan Lee and look forward to bringing a broad array of truly unique consumer products to retail.”