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Moonbug Adds More Titles to Stream on Peacock

Moonbug Entertainment Logo-Blackstone

Digital media company Moonbug is bringing more of its educational entertainment programs to streaming platform Peacock, which already offers Moonbug’s titles BlippiMy Magic Pet Morphle, and Little Baby Bum, in both English and Spanish.

Additional programs coming to Peacock include ArpoGecko’s GarageGo BusterPlaytime with TwinkleSupa StrikasT-Rex Ranch, and Ring-A-Tangs.

“While each of our programs are unique in their own way, they are all focused on engaging and inspiring stories and have the ability to make kids laugh, learn something new, and stay entertained,” said Andy Yeatman, Managing Director of the Americas for Moonbug Entertainment. “We are thrilled by Peacock’s commitment to providing quality children’s entertainment to its users and look forward to working with them on future content.”

Moonbug has brokered partnership deals with over 100 streaming platforms in the U.S. and globally including Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Sky, Tencent, and Roku, and has category-leading viewership on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

More information on Moonbug’s content can be found at here.