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Saturday Animation Launches New IP Chase + CATCH

saturday animation-chase + catch

Saturday Animation Studio, a subsidiary of Monteral-based Digital Dimension Entertainment Group (DDEG), is developing its first original animated series, Chase and CATCH.

Franchise management agency Cookbook Media will lead an international distribution strategy for the show, including content, consumer products, publishing, and digital activations.

“We immediately fell in love with Chase and CATCH as it has all of the elements to appeal to boys’ love of action-adventure-comedy, heroic characters, robots, vehicles, and gadgets,” said Cookbook Media’s Claudia Scott Hansen and Rob Bencal.“We’re excited to be creative partners with DDEG and Saturday Animation Studio at the early stages of development to work with the studio on creating a recipe for success for this amazing new property that has high commercial appeal.”

The series centers on teenager Kenzo Chase who joins the futuristic Vivacity police force and teams up with his robot partner CATCH to bring down an outlaw syndicate, led by a villain named Brainwreck and his VANISH crew.

DDEG CCO and showrunner Fred Faubert said the action-comedy show aimed at boys 7 and up is inspired by classic cartoons from the 1980s.

“Boasting tech-enhanced high-octane thrills and next-gen gadgetry, we are confident that boys the world over will be clamoring to join Chase and CATCH on their adventures,” Faubert said. 

Season one will be produced in ultra high definition CGI, using DDEG’s real-time pipeline based on Epic Games’s Unreal Engine.

“By producing the series on the Unreal Engine, we can bring entire story worlds and their characters to life across multiple dimensions – from content to toys to video games,” said CEO and showrunner Louis-Simon Ménard. “Chase and CATCH is the first of several original IP we plan to bring to market in the coming year.”