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Dungeons & Dragons Reached 50 Million Fans in 2020

Dungeons & Dragons 2020

Wizards of the Coast reports that 2020 was the most successful year yet for the Dungeons & Dragons franchise — on the heels of a previous record year in 2019 — with the tabletop game attracting more than 50 million players to date.

Highlights for D&D from 2020 include: sales increasing 33% year-over-year globally; D&D TikTok content reaching over one billion views; over four million views of D&D Live 2020Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything becoming D&D’s most pre-ordered book ever; March 2020 marking an all-time peak in search interest; and millions of downloads of free materials from D&D’s Stay at Home, Play at Home hub. 

“We’re proud that Dungeons & Dragons continued to bring people together during the challenges of the pandemic, providing valuable social connection even when we couldn’t meet in person, as the brand continued to grow strongly,” said Dan Barrett, Senior Brand Manager for D&D, EMEA. “With our video game Dark Alliance, the first D&D and Magic: The Gathering crossover card set, special events such as D&D Live and D&D Celebration, additional TRPG releases, and more to come in 2021 alone, we’re well set-up to sustain this progress. D&D is for everyone, and our growing EMEA team are excited to introduce even more new fans to our legendary world of fantasy storytelling, now and in the years to come. We are hard at work on exciting plans for the future of D&D in our region and look forward to sharing them with you in more detail in the coming months.”