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Barry & Jason Games Releases Anchorman: The Game

Anchorman The Game

Anchorman is expanding into party games.

Barry & Jason Games and Entertainment has introduced Anchorman: The Game – Improper Teleprompter, a party game for ages 17+ Players can assume the roles of the characters from the movie — including Ron Burgundy, Veronica Corningstone, Brick Tamland, and more — as they compete by sabotaging other anchors’ news stories with magnetic words and phrases to make them laugh while reading the news.

Featuring art from Mattson Creative, the game includes magnetic score tokens of Baxter the Dog, Sex Panther, Lamp, and a glass of scotch. It also includes Whammy cards, which feature bits of story from the movie that randomly award points or mix-up the game play. Players keep time with the “Sex Panther” mechanical timer.

“Getting to make a party game based on our favorite comedy from this millennium is a dream come true,” said Barry & Jason co-founder Barry McLaughlin.

Co-founder Jason Lautenschleger added that his and McLaughlin’s goal with Anchorman: The Game “is to delight fans of the film while still being a hilarious party game for anyone who has never seen it.”