Ink Sets on CPG Deal for WowWee, Curiosity Ink Media

Curiosity Ink Media, one of the newest family-friendly entertainment providers, is partnering with WowWee to create, develop and distribute kid-based consumer product extensions of original IP currently in development.

The creative alliance was announced jointly today by Russell Hicks, Curiosity Ink Media’s President & Chief Creative Officer and WowWee President and co-founder, Richard Yanofsky.

The partnership will begin with a focus on Baldwin, a preschool animated series about a young steam engine who hits the rails in search of his long-lost father. Together, Curiosity Ink Media and WowWee will collaborate on a variety of products that complement Baldwin and extend the overall brand experience for kids. Products to be developed will be announced later this year.

“Having WowWee as a consumer products partner is a huge win and a seismic move forward for Curiosity Ink Media,” says Russell Hicks, president and CEO, Curiosity Ink Media. “As trusted leaders in championing imaginative play through tech-based innovation, this alliance helps us to deliver on our promise to entertain kids and families away from the screen. The gold standard in consumer products, WowWee understands our commitment to excellence and we could not have asked for a better partner.”

“WowWee is very much looking forward to collaborating with Curiosity Ink Media management, who have a long and storied history of success,” says Richard Yanofsky, WowWee president and co-founder. “Their approach is grounded in a qualitative and natural approach towards launching and building exciting IP that makes sense for the audience. This relationship speaks to a broader vision of building and integrating toys and imaginative storytelling into a seamless 360 kids world” he adds.

Curiosity Ink Media’s core mission is to deliver exceptional storytelling through original content and fresh, new versions of treasured animated characters and properties, many of which have been dormant for years. The classic updates will be showcased alongside an array of new, original animation, live action and VR content to offer a wide range of entertainment options. Using groundbreaking technology, Curiosity Ink will streamline the animation process to significantly reduce production turnaround and continually fortify its platforms with fresh content. By leveraging a roster of accomplished behind-the-scenes talent, a deep media distribution network and strong relationships in the creative community, Curiosity Ink Media aims to bring safe, wholesome kids’ content squarely into the 21st century.