Caroline Mickler Appointed for Feisty Pets in UK

Surge Licensing, the global master entertainment and licensing agency for WMC’s Feisty Pets, has appointed Caroline Mickler Ltd. as its sub-agent to leverage the momentum and develop the third-party merchandising program for the brand in the UK.

“2018 was a terrific launch year with Jazwares in the UK,” says Surge Vice-President Elan Freedman. “In 2019, with every retailer leaning in to the toy program and our book series launching, there’s no better time for Caroline to work her magic and scale the experience offering to our fans.”

Caroline Mickler will initially be focusing on apparel, accessories, bedding, gifting, and back to school.

“With the retail success of Jazwares’ Feisty Pets range and with Scholastic and Rubies Costumes already in place, the UK market is well set to capitalize further on the growing appetite for Feisty Pets products,” says Mickler.

CML and Surge previously collaborated in the UK for the Ninja Turtles in the 1990s and 2000s.