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YouTuber Turned TikTok Skincare Sensation Hyram Yarbo Joins Semaphore Licensing Solutions’ Portfolio

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Channeling pain into purpose, Hyram’s fascination with all things skincare began as a way for him to cope with an eating disorder. Through experimenting with different products, Hyram found his artistic passion was stoked, lighting the fire for him to discover beauty within himself. Launching his YouTube Channel in 2017, the content focuses on debunking beauty myths, educating subscribers on skin care routines and reviewing products of all price points. To date, his authentic, informative and humor infused videos have achieved over 187 million lifetime views with 3.41 million subscribers, while Hyram’s TikTok fan base is in excess of 5.8 million followers. Hyram has graced the cover of The Washington Post and his expertise has been featured by the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar,, Business Insider, The Teen Magazine and Glossy. Semaphore’s goal is to see Hyram’s brand positioned within initial product categories such as skincare, sun care and bedding.
“Our collaboration with Hyram will allow us to bring the solutions Hyram’s fan base craves to retail shelves and the ecommerce space. We are focused on securing licensing partners in skincare, sun care and bedding that have a reputation for delivering high-quality products. With bedding, Hyram recommends changing your pillowcase every night if you have acne. We look forward to creating a Hyram brand pillowcase made specifically for acne sufferers!”  “ –Lisa Berlin Wright, Senior VP of Licensing, Semaphore Licensing Solutions
“Honest and relatable, Hyram is the virtual skin care consultant that provides you with the truth when you look in the mirror. His connective ability to provide informative content in a manner that captivates his fan base through sheer authenticity has set the stage for him to become a household name. I believe he will quickly become the “mega-star” of skin care.” –Michael Bienstock, Founder and CEO, Semaphore Licensing Solutions