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Brand Central Goes ‘Full Send’ with YouTube Lifestyle Brand

full send x brand central

Full Send/Nelk Boys announced that they have selected global consumer products agency Brand Central LLC to extend their brand into retail and develop strategic collaborations. Full Send is wildly popular global lifestyle brand created by a portfolio of massive content creators including the Nelk Boys @Nelkboys, Kyle @kyleforgeard, Jesse @mtvjesse and Steve @stevewilldoit, and many more! Licensees and retailers who want to go Full Send into the digital influencer world, look no further! Full Send is any activity you can do wholeheartedly with confidence and an absolute passion. Brand Central and Full Send intend to enter the licensing world with that confidence and passion.

Full Send/Nelk Boys was founded in 2010 and have amassed 27M+ followers across all social platforms.

“Our team is thrilled to go all in with Brand Central as they are the go-to licensing experts in digital, lifestyle, and pop culture representing brands such as Jake Paul and Ninja,” said Full Send’s business manager, Drew Hill.

“We are honored to work with the Nelk Boys and the Full Send brand which is the obsession of millions of young adults fans. We are confident of the success of Full Send at retail and looking forward put together very compelling collaborations that will be become “must have” products of 2021,” added Ross Misher, Brand Central CEO.