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Semaphore Licensing Solutions to Attend Virtual Festival of Licensing Oct. 6-22, 2020

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The Semaphore Licensing Solutions team will be participating in the upcoming virtual Festival of Licensing, October 6th – 22nd, 2020. Semaphore will be exploring opportunities for some of their most dynamic new media stars including Philip DeFrancoHyramTrinity and BeyondBraille SkateboardingBlogilatesSuperHero KidsMaymoIreland Boys ProductionsVat19 and Funny Mike.

  • Philip DeFranco is one of the foremost authorities for news and pop culture commentary in the digital media space. His YouTube Channel currently has 6.41 million subscribers, while the content receives 20 million views per month.
  • Hyram is a YouTuber turned TikTok Skincare Sensation who has accelerated into the spotlight by creating new media content that makes skincare approachable – particularly Gen Z. Hyram’s  authentic, informative and humor infused videos have achieved over 215 million lifetime views with 3.62 million subscribers, while his TikTok fan base is in excess of 6.1 million followers
  • Trinity and Beyond have become the best virtual friend next door for girls 4-9, creating wholesome videos showcasing scavenger hunts, fun skits, slime pranks and games for children. Sisters Trinity and Madison have evolved into America’s sweethearts, as seen on their YouTube channel with over 5.8 million subscribers.
  • Braille Skateboarding is the #1 skateboarding channel on YouTube with over 5.13 million subscribers and over 1 billion lifetime views. The channel is known for its videos that educate all ages on how to learn various skateboarding moves and tricks
  • Blogilates is the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube featuring full length POP Pilates, PIIT 28, and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts. The channel currently has 5.34 million subscribers and over 806 million lifetime views.
  • SuperHero Kids features a family unit that captures epic action and comedy videos for all ages with over 5.8 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel.
  • Maymo is the most popular pet personality on YouTube with the most subscribers of any pet channel – over 9.4 million – with his content viewed 125 million times per month.
  • Ireland Boys Productions is known for its Vlogs and behind-the-scenes look at pranks. The YouTube Channel currently has over 3.88 million subscribers while its content has had 622 million lifetime views.
  • Vat19 is led by a team of creators who channel their inner child to bring videos to life featuring “curiously awesome” gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more – with over 6.4 billion lifetime views and 7.47 million subscribers.
  • Funny Mike is a leading urban channel on YouTube with over 5.6 million subscribers. The channel has a devoted following who love the family videos that feature pranks, challenges, music videos,