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Cookbook Media Appointed to Represent Alvin Ailey Brand for Digital, Broadcast, and IP Licensing Projects

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Cookbook Media LLC, an agency created to provide IP owners and content creators with a one-stop shop to build global franchise value, has been appointed by the legendary Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater as their representative for digital, broadcast and IP licensing projects. Cookbook Media’s role will be to explore content partnerships with international broadcasters and streamers; guide the development of new programming; and establish a global consumer products strategy inspired by the incredible artistry of the iconic dance company.

 Cookbook Media will collaborate on the development and production of original content that gives an exclusive view into the company, its mission and creativity.  Some of the projects currently being explored include original dance works created for the camera by leading choreographers, a behind-the-scenes limited series documenting Ailey dancers as they rehearse a new ballet, leading up to its opening night; and a kids series to celebrate the joy and inspiration of dance and introduce Ailey’s cultural relevance.

Potential projects explored by Cookbook Media on behalf of Ailey will also include new productions of classic stage performances, such as celebrating the 50th anniversary in 2021 of Alvin Ailey’s tour-de-force Cry, an enduring work of American art created as a birthday present for his mother and dedicated to “all black women everywhere – especially our mothers.”

Additionally, Cookbook Media will develop a strategic consumer products plan to engage in collaborations to broaden the reach of the Ailey company to fans and new audiences around the world. In development are concepts for apparel, home décor, art, publishing, body cosmetics, jewelry and more.

“We are honored to have been appointed by the Ailey company to bring their incredible talent and artistry to audiences everywhere,” said Cookbook Media co-founders, Claudia Scott-Hansen and Rob Bencal, in a joint statement. “This is the first time since the Ailey was established in 1958 that media platforms will be able to partner with the Ailey company to bring their innovative and passionate performances to a mass audience, and we anticipate broad interest across the globe.  With their enormous fan base, the natural progression for this beloved cultural institution is to develop new ways for audiences to share in the community of dance, and we look forward to working together to develop new programming content and brand extensions.”

“Ailey has become world-renowned for inspiring and uniting with the extraordinary artistry and passion of its live performances for an estimated 25 million people in 48 states, as well as 71 countries on six continents,” commented Bennett Rink, Executive Director of the Ailey company. “Our legacy continues through our core principles: that we are driven to ever greater heights of excellence; that we are inspired to hold a mirror to society to illuminate the human spirit, unlock potential and spark change; build community and celebrate diversity; and connect through a common love of dance.  I can’t think of a more pertinent time to further our mission through the development of new content and other brand initiatives, and we are confident that Cookbook Media is aligned with our vision and is the right partner to develop and execute our strategy.”

Since the shutdown in March, Ailey has reached over 10 million in 121 countries with the streaming of filmed performances, classes, conversations and original short films created by the Ailey dancers “separate but together” from wherever they were.  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s  first-ever virtual season will run from December 2- December 31; with a variety of premieres and a celebration of six decades of  the soul-stirring Revelations, Alvin Ailey’s must-see American masterpiece which pays homage to the rich African-American cultural heritage in an uplifting celebration of the human spirit that is needed now more than ever.