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RedwoodVentures and Moonlite World Announce Licensing Agreement

redwoodventures-moonlite world

RedwoodVentures, the fast-growing global leader in children’s products, announced an exclusive global licensing agreement with Moonlite World, Inc., the worldwide leader in story time technology through mobile phones.


The innovative MoonliteÔ projector attaches to virtually any mobile phone and uses the phone’s flashlight to vibrantly beam children’s story books onto any surface including ceilings and walls. The Moonlite product line was invented by Natalie Rebot, who worked as a software engineer for Google for seven years. Natalie was inspired by her daughter’s love of both shadow play and book reading before bedtime. The Moonlite story portfolio includes many of the most popular children’s books of all time, including titles from Disney, Eric Carle, Harper Collins, Random House and multiple other publishers.


“Moonlite is a brand born out of our passion to help make story time a very special occasion between me and my daughter and it has been immensely rewarding that parents around the world have shared this experience since we launched in 2017,” Natalie says. “We are most excited to now partner with RedwoodVentures. The global distribution strength of Redwood, their commitment to quality and on-going innovation makes them the perfect partner for the Moonlite brand to expand around the globe.”


Rick Greenberg, CEO of RedwoodVentures, says the Moonlite brand has unlimited potential in terms of content and categories for both retailers and consumers, and Redwood already has major plans to accelerate global growth of the brand through powerful new licenses, stories and early learning content. Greenberg noted that the Licensing Agreement with Moonlite includes a purchase option for Redwood to fully acquire the brand within the next three years.


“Redwood is very excited and fortunate to be partnering with Natalie on the Moonlite brand,” Greenberg says. “Everything about the Moonlite brand is a perfect fit for Redwood as we continue our mission to ‘bring joy to children’ around the globe.”


Redwood recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and is known for innovative products and brands such as Defiants, Lil’ Fishy’s, IDo3D, Smooshy Mushy collectibles, GoGoGachas

and others. RedwoodVentures has multi-channel distribution in the U.S. as well as 64 countries around the globe.


Moonlite was successfully launched in 2017 via a Kickstarter campaign where funding goals were surpassed nearly twenty-fold. It was invented by former Google manager Natalie Rebot who was inspired by her daughters love of books and shadow play before bedtime. Many of the most popular children’s book titles are available for the Moonlite system including “Goodnight Moon,” “Love You Forever,” “Curious George” and many others.