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Etta Loves Launches Keith Haring Inspired Baby Line

etta loves x keith haring

Innovative baby brand Etta Loves announces a collaboration featuring the works of legendary artist Keith Haring, creating a science-based sensory collection for babies.

This unique collaboration brings the radiant joy of artist Keith Haring to a new generation, combining his iconic prints with the science at the heart of EttaLoves.Haring, a popular artist and activist, was part of the legendary New York art scene during the 1980s and his classic colorful figures have become an iconic symbol in popular culture, instantly recognizable to many.

The Etta Loves x Keith Haring collection of magical baby essentials combines his striking art and the expertise of Etta Loves resident NHS Orthoptist, an expert in children’s vision, who consults with the design team to ensure that everys cale, pattern and color supports babies’ visual and cognitive development. The science at the heart of the brand ensures that babies are stimulated and mesmerized, giving parents a precious moment of calm and, with Keith Haring, their first art gallery experience. With this collaboration Etta Loves continues to innovate and stay true to their brand mission of design led by science.

Etta Loves x Keith Haring collection is comprised of two designs — Baby and Brazil.Baby features one of Keith Haring’s most recognizable icons-crawling babies in high contrast black and white. Etta Loves has scaled the design to support babies’ visual and cognitive development from birth to around four months. Brazil is a brightly colored version of Keith Haring’s 1989 artwork of the same name, expertly recolored and scaled to support babies from five months to around a year old.The Etta Loves x Keith Haring collection includes all of the brand favorites including their reversible playmat, the bestselling sensory strip, extra-large muslins, comforters, a teether and two new products — a muslin two-pack and reversible three-layer muslin blanket. The collection is the first to be produced in 100% organic cotton.

The range is available starting March 15 through selected retailers nationwide and at