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WizKids to Launch RPG-Ready Miniature Terrains


WizKids will launch a new line of terrain-building miniatures, WarLock Dungeon Tiles, in early 2020.


First previewed at GAMA trade show in March, the new release will make it easier than ever for players to construct fully immersive environments for their RPG campaigns.


WarLock Dungeon Tiles are two-inch squares and gridded to make it easier than ever to assemble new environments. Each tile is pre-painted, with two types of terrain, one on each side, adding to their versatility.


WizKids also offers a solution to the oft-cited problem of walls intruding on grid-space. The exterior walls are offset, and the interior walls are super thin, and can be placed between tiles with ease, preventing obtrusion onto the tiles themselves.


“WarLock Dungeon Tiles address a lot of the issues with current offerings on the market,” says Justin Ziran, president of WizKids. “WarLock tiles are quick and easy to assemble, consisting of tiles and clips which will allow GMs to build complete rooms with walls and working features, are cost effective and available at retail, not just online— allowing for the ultimate player experience for everyone.”