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Sunny Days Entertainment Launches New DIY Collectible

Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC has launched the highly anticipated children’s toy Ravel Tales, selling out on Amazon within the first week. 

Introducing Ravel Tales, the newest and most innovative children’s DIY collectible that offers hours of play. The fresh take on the popular surprise and reveal experience begins with kids unwinding the yarn ball to uncover 12 fun surprises including DIY accessories, a sticker sheet, button charms and their own plush Ravel Tales character. Each layer of yarn has a purpose, from creating the Ravel Tales pet bed to matching friendship bracelets and necklaces. Kids now have the ability to use their creativity and imagination while collecting adorable Ravel Tales!

“We knew we wanted to create a collectible that incorporated the unboxing experience into its play patterns to create a product with almost zero waste,” says Rick Mershon, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Once kids have fully unravelled, each piece becomes a new creation. We brought together the fun of unboxing with DIY, crafting collectibles and plush to create a world of opportunities with the Ravel Tales.”

Kids can share their experiences and DIY crafts by joining #TheUnravellers on social media and learn new ways they can use their imagination with Ravel Tales! Along with exclusive YouTube content, Sunny Days Entertainment is putting forward an extensive marketing initiative supported by influencer partnerships, digital marketing promotions and TV media, for the Ravel Tales launch.