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Goliath Games Launches SuperThings This Month


Goliath wants superkids everywhere to get ready for the launch of SuperThings in Meijer and Fred Meyer locations this month! The leading international toy has been taking over the US, and SuperThings are searching for more superkids to join them in their quest!

The small collectibles are designed like everyday objects, transformed into superheroes and supervillains! A natural rivalry can be found within each duo, such as Dr. Fresher and Mac Stink or Fizzer and Mad Pop. SuperThings are battling for control of Kaboom City, a metropolis where these superheroes and supervillains come face to face. With over 80 SuperThings characters to collect and accompanying Supercars and Kaboom Traps, children are encouraged to find superpowers in everyday objects and even superpowers within themselves!

To celebrate the launch of SuperThings in Meijer and Fred Meyer, Goliath is launching its #IAmASuperThing campaign, which encourages children and families to celebrate themselves as everyday superheroes. To join in, fans are encouraged to snap pictures of their children doing everyday tasks that make them SUPER, like taking out the trash or helping with chores. No matter how big or small the good deed, every kid can be a SuperThing. Tag your posts with@SuperThingsUS and #IAmASuperThing on Instagram to enter into a draw to win a SuperThings gift box!

“We know that kids have exhibited amazing resilience for the past few months, and they deserve for their good deeds to be called out,” says Mary Higbe, Goliath’s Director of Marketing. “The #IAmASuperThing campaign is a natural fit. SuperThings are everyday, ordinary objects that have superpowers. A kid may look at themselves and think that they’re ordinary, but they need to know that they have superpowers that we see and appreciate.”

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SuperThings are also accompanied by an animated YouTube series titled SuperThings: Rivals of Kaboom, where everyday items are transformed into superheroes and supervillains. The series is based on the toy line, and more episodes are expected to launch later this year.