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Kellytoy’s New Squishmallows Heroes Hit Retailers this October

Squishmallows Heroes
Kellytoy, a subsidiary of Jazwares, LLC, has announced details for its Squishmallows® Heroes squad featuring six distinctive, colorful characters to inspire kids, tweens, collectors, toy lovers and hero worshipers of all ages. The lineup celebrates our nation’s everyday heroes and introduces Daryl (EMT/Medic) and Cassie (Nurse), along with original Squad favorites Esmeralda (Grocery Clerk), Hoot (Doctor), Fifi (Firefighter), and Kirk (Policeman). The brave and unforgettable Squishmallows Heroes are scheduled to leap onto retail and online shelves this October.
“We’re proud to honor those who continually put themselves at risk to make the world better and safer,” says Kellytoy Co-President Jonathan Kelly. “These heroes are bursting with personality and are just as much fun as they are dedicated to serving the public.” The Squishmallows Heroes lineup will initially launch in the U.S. with two sizes (eight and 12-inches; MSRP: $9.99 and $14.99, respectively). Characters include:
· Daryl, the dog, who’s an EMT who loves being a first responder and always stays calm and cool in scary situations.
· Esmeralda, the rainbow colored unicorn, is a grocery clerk who always has sanitizer on hand and makes sure everyone is wearing their masks.
· Wise owl Hoot is a doctor who wears his mask with a big smile and breaks into song when his patients feel scared.
· Cassie, a blue and white cat, is a head nurse who keeps lollipops and stickers in her pocket to spread joy throughout her hospital.
· Kirk is a koala bear detective who can always be counted on to be as friendly as he is protective.
· Red fox Fifi is the Fire Chief who has been running into burning buildings as long as she can remember.
As Squishmallows fans “Keep Calm and Snuggle On,” they’ll appreciate the snuggly warmth and comfort that the Squishmallows line brings to everyone. Since debuting in fall 2017, fans have scooped up more than 55 million Squishmallows and the line has expanded to more than 500 characters.
Brimming with self-expression and personal style – and a fervent desire to do good – the playful, huggable Squishmallows make great couch pals, and can even serve as a best friend in times of need to help relieve stress and anxiety. They’re ideal travel companions and are a snuggly alternative to high tech toys.
To show off their unique personalities, each Squishmallows character’s name and background story is detailed on its hangtag. The unique line is made of super soft spandex “EF” and polyester stuffing as puffy as marshmallows. Caring for Squishmallows is easy; give them lots of love, machine wash in cold water, tumble-dry on low heat and remember not to iron them!
The Squishmallows song, “Hello We’re the Squishmallows” is available on more than 40 streaming services including Apple Music, Google Play/YouTube Music, Spotify and more. The accompanying lyric video is available on YouTube and a free download of the ringtone is available at
Fans can shop Squishmallows, learn about all the characters, sign up for updates, download coloring sheets and register their Squishmallows in exchange for an adoption certificate at
Join the #SquishmallowSquad online and follow @Squishmallows on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
The shape, look, feel, and texture of Squishmallow® branded plush toys constitute Kellytoy’s proprietary trade dress.