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TriAction Toys to Bring Back Boglins’ in 2021


Kids in the late 1980s gravitated to one of the coolest toy lines ever that became a monster hit. Toy forecasters are predicting Boglins’ success in an all new line of toy figures by TriAction Toys manufactured in their original size and packaging (cages) for Spring 2021. Boglins will surely inspire and capture the imagination of both collectors and social media engaged kids of today. Look for the all new Boglins to be stars of Tik Tok, Instagram and other digital platforms in 2021.

TriAction Toys, the exclusive toy licensee, is set to launch its Kickstarter campaign this October 30 for Boglins’ that will include King Dwork, King Drool and King Vlobb figures in their reimagined 2021 glory. Tim Clarke, the co-creator of Boglins’, is leading the relaunch along with licensor 7 Towns and Mark Freedman of Surge Licensing. “What was cool then is about to be a hit again with the much-anticipated release of the 7 Kings from the 7 Bogs of The Boglands,” says Cofoni!

The wildly popular Boglins hybrid action figure toy line was co-created by Clarke and Maureen Trotto in 1987. Clarke, an accomplished puppeteer, worked with Jim Henson on Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock and The Muppets so it was not surprising that Boglins looked and felt like high-quality theatrical film characters! Toy inventor Maureen Trotto was recently honored by Women in Toys for her 30+ years of toy design.

Fresh from the foggy bogs of The Boglands, these rubbery monster hand-motioned-manipulative toy figures will have the original moveable glow-in-the-dark eyes and will once again be sold in “caged” packaging. Boglins quickly sold out in the 80’s with their unique “wooden” crate-like packaging and their iconic bent plastic jailbars. Boglins are sure to be hot sellers again in 2021. TriAction Toys will be limiting production to keep each Boglins Character rare and create a collector chase of epic proportions.

October 30 Kickstarter Debut

“Mischievous Night seems like the perfect time to launch these ghoulish toys” says Cofoni. Starting Friday, October 30, 2020, Kickstarter fans who pitch in $39.99 (plus shipping) will be among the first lucky collectors to interact with their Boglins by March 2021, a full month before specialty retailers are able to stock them.

Early online donors will receive a boxed Boglin that includes one of Clarke’s illustrated maps of the Seven Boglin Kingdoms. In keeping with the 1980s storyline, Boglins will continue with King Drool reigning over the Land of Gaul. King Vlobb will oversee the Land of Gourch. And King Drool is the ruler of the Land of Fergus.

TriAction Toys is set to create in 2021 all 7 Kings and bring back Halloween Exclusives including the return of the ultra-rare Bog o Bones™ and Blobkin™ figures!