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Llama Llama Merchandise Launches at Kohl’s

kohls llama llama

Genius Brands International, Inc., Penguin Young Readers, and KOHL’s launch the annual holiday program for Kohl’s Cares with the debut of a “Llama Llama” branded bundle featuring a plush toy and book, available now at and in Kohl’s stores nationwide.

Based on the characters from the bestselling children’s book franchise and popular Netflix Original preschool series, Llama Llama, starring Jennifer Garner, the “Llama Llama” book from Penguin Young Readers and the plush, are available exclusively through the Kohl’s Cares collection for $5.00 each, with 100% of Kohl’s net profit benefiting nonprofit organizations that improve the health and well-being of communities nationwide. The products are available for a limited time, while supplies last.

“We are honored to be a part of this season’s Kohl’s Cares merchandise collection with our evergreen brand, Llama Llama, being featured with new merchandise available at stores around the country,” commented Lloyd Mintz, SVP Global Consumer Products at Genius Brands. “This is a big step in expanding our merchandise program for Llama Llama, as we continue to seek out creative avenues to deliver this classic brand to the legions of fans.”