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Moxie & Co. and Hunt A Killer Forge Brand Partnership

moxie hunt a killer

Moxie & Company announced they will now serve as Hunt A Killer’s literary and merchandise licensing agency worldwide. Under the agreement, Moxie and Hunt A Killer will partner on a variety of branded publishing projects, stationary, apparel, party goods and tech accessories.  This collaboration will create even more opportunities to bring Hunt A Killer’s audience together through storytelling.


Hunt A Killer is a finely-crafted, immersive murder mystery series played at home.  Originally, Hunt A Killer began as a subscription box with a couple hundred subscribers, and has grown into a phenomenon with over 110,000 active players.  Now, a new Hunt A Killer game, “Death at a Dive Bar” is available at retail including Target and Amazon.   The retail game is selling out quickly adding hundreds of thousands of new fans.  Based on this success, Hunt A Killer is planning additional retail releases for 2021.


Hunt A Killer is passionate about telling stories in new and memorable ways. They believe it is important not to just hear a narrative but to experience one. By making immersive products that are high-quality and interactive, they create entertainment that brings people together. They are constantly iterating to create meaningful experiences that are unbound by traditional mediums or genres.


Hunt A Killer has disrupted conventional forms of storytelling by delivering physical items in each box, immersing subscribers into the worlds of the characters.  Players become instant sleuths as they sort through evidence, decode cyphers, create timelines, piece together clues and solve crime.


“Hunt A Killer has powerful appeal for all True Crime fans and Podcast listeners. We envision an extensive publishing and merchandising program to help extend the brand that will appeal to both the Hunt A Killer fans, the True Crime fans and anyone who likes a great mystery,” said Arlene Scanlan, CEO, Moxie & Co.


“Hunt A Killer is about bringing great stories and great characters to life for the immersive entertainment of our customers,” said Ryan Hogan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hunt A Killer. “Moxie will help us extend our storytelling into publishing and we are excited to be working with them to bring our characters to life in new and unique ways.”


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