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PlayMonster Builds on Snap Ships Line with New Sets

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The epic and award-winning new construction line Snap Ships is enhancing its Build to Battle play with six new drone sets. Collect and combine the three Forge and the three Komplex sets to create the two unstoppable Fusion Builds!

At its core, Snap Ships is a collectible, versatile, modular building system that allows kids to build multiple crafts. All of the sets are interchangeable so you can combine pieces to create different, larger builds. Each set has patent-pending cube pieces that snap together to be the core of the ship, allowing for versatile and quick builds that can be easily modified. Also included are unique pieces that differentiate sets from one another, offering different specs for play. Each craft features real shooting weapon play so kids can “Build to Battle”!

The new drone sets, each sold separately with an MSRP of $5.99, allows fans new ways to build on the fly! Each of the six sets is a unique build on its own, and combining them creates the larger Fusion Build with massive battle play value! Collect RL-55 Assault Drone, DA-63 Turbine Drone and BP-48 Biped Mech to create the MD-SWITCH 1 Fusion Build, and collect K-Crawler Suppression Mech, K-Swarm Strike Drone and K-Dive Ambush Drone to create the K-Form Fusion Build! The pieces can also be combined with other Snap Ships sets for customized, creative builds.

Snap Ships is a solid play experience with quick, versatile building and many variations. It’s also built for longevity with a broad universe with narrative-driven repeat builds. The story of Snap Ships can also be enjoyed through the animated series available on YouTube. The series expands the appeal of Snap Ships and supports the play pattern. Snap Ships is geared toward boys ages 8 and up, but can be enjoyed by nearly anyone.