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Crazy Aaron’s Launches Clean With Color Line

crazy aaron's hand soap

Crazy Aaron’s, the creators of the award-winning Thinking Putty and other creative, innovative products that inspire curiosity, launches Clean With Color, a revolutionary new soap and sanitizer line that combines Crazy Aaron’s amazing color technology with gentle and effective cleansing that’s fun for kids. The ground-breaking new Clean With Color line completely changes color as the product is used, making hand washing fun and encouraging children to clean properly.  As a leader and innovator in the creation of compounds, the company was able to leverage its expertise and technology to introduce a fun and effective line of soaps and antibacterial products to its product portfolio, especially as demand for these items continues to grow.

While Clean With Color is a brand new product line to launch under the company, it is not the first time Crazy Aaron’s has innovated in the personal care and hygiene front. “At the onset of the pandemic last year, we quickly pivoted from toy-making to producing hand sanitizer for healthcare facilities, public utilities, and first responders,” said Founder and Executive Chairman, Aaron Muderick. “This experience, combined with our years of expertise in making products fun for kids, allowed us to use our institutional knowledge to develop and create unique formulas that would encourage children to wash their hands, which is so very important during these uncertain times.”

Clean With Color is made especially for kids in mind and features fun changing colors and scents. “It’s no secret that parents often have trouble convincing kids to wash their hands. With Clean With Color, we believe we have addressed this concern as kids will enjoy the color changing magic, and in turn properly wash their hands,” Muderick adds.

Clean With Color features a fun assortment including the following:

Clean With Color Hand Sanitizer

Encourage kids to sanitize their hands with this colorful creation from the mind of Crazy Aaron! Made from top-quality ingredients, this fresh gel changes color as the product is used so children can experience the wonder of three different colors in every bottle. Plus, the artistic designs add extra fun and whimsy to the healthy habit. Available in 4 designs; Dinosaurs, Mermaids, Outer Space, and Princess Castle.

Clean With Color Hand Soap

Give children an extra reason to wash their hands! Created using Hypercolor technology, this color-changing foam soap is a blast to use. Watch as it changes colors in your hands and then rinses a different color. It smells terrific, too! Available in Apple (Green), Strawberry (Magenta), and Berry (Blue) scents.