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Play-Doh Releases 65th Anniversary ‘All Mixed Up’ Can

Play-Doh All Mixed Up

Kids true colors will soon be revealed… and it’s likely muddy grey. Hasbro Inc. brings parents face-to-face with their unavoidable, cringeworthy compound truth, the very first can of pre-mixed Play-Doh Compound.

While some parents may shudder in horror at the sight, kids will be living the dream with the all-new Play-Doh All Mixed Up Can; a 44 oz. clear can filled with nearly three pounds of multicolored Play-Doh Brand Modeling Compound. The brand will invite kids and adults alike to let loose and embrace the mixing in celebration of their iconic 65th birthday year by squishing, molding, and shaping beautiful messes, all while welcoming the inevitable creations of new, and previously unwanted, compound colors.

The All Mixed Up Can is a comical play on the nearly endless pop culture-themed memes and relatable sentiment that has been expressed by Play-Doh parents over more than six decades. It’s also a plea to parents everywhere to relax their unspoken rules of Play-Doh and empower them to feel ok about their Play-Doh stash looking like the ‘after’ meme.

The most impactful finding, however, touted that 87 percent of parents surveyed agreed it was acceptable to bend the rules, occasionally, if the lighthearted act gave their children a sense of joy and fun.

“With Play-Doh compound, the imperfect is perfect, the mess is a masterpiece, and colors are meant to be mixed!” said Eric Nyman, Chief Consumer Officer at Hasbro. “In honor of our 65th birthday, we invite parents to take a deep breath and let Play-Doh happen, because just like life, play should be messy, fun, and wonderful!”

The Play-Doh ‘All Mixed Up’ Can will be available in limited quantities on Amazon on March 16, 2021; full product details can be found here. It will be available at most major retailers shortly after.

Fans are invited to declare if they are team “Mix” or “Unmix” the Doh using #TeamMIXITUP or #TeamKEEPITCLEAN with Play-Doh on social (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) and visit for more information on the brand, new products, and to celebrate the brand’s 65th birthday.