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GinoBot Smart Toy Launches Kickstarter Campaign


GinoBot, a new smart toy from Engino that incorporates elements of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning, has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign.

GinoBot blends playtime and learning with its plug-and-play robot, coding, and electronics, allowing kids 6 and up to build simple or complex models. It features KEIRO software for block-based programming, which is compatible with a PC (Windows, Linux, MAC OS) and smart devices (Google Play, Apple Store). GinoBot has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, as well as a micro USB connector. It can also connect with third party hardware like Arduino, Microbit, and Raspberry Pi, among others.

“Children are our future and we believe they are all gifted with the power to perform astonishing technological feats,” said Costas Sisamos, founder and CEO of Engino. “As STEM learning principles become more prominent in our children’s curriculum, GinoBot is a great learning tool that will keep young minds hungry to explore, design and create enabling them to experience the limitless thrill of scientific discovery.”